What happened with Cody Rhodes and crying fan at WWE? exploring the heartfelt encounter

Cody Rhodes proved once again that beneath the copper-coated muscles that knock down opponents within seconds, the fighters also possess a naive, soft heart that is filled with love and affection. Recently, the professional wrestler’s gesture toward a young fan literally amazed his fans with his simplicity and humbleness.

So, it is time to explore the incident concerning Cody Rhodes and a crying fan along with their heartfelt encounter.

What happened with Cody Rhodes and the crying fan at WWE?

Cody Rhodes competes in the RAW Brand of WWE and is very active during any WWE events. And recently, while appearing in such an event while he was walking to the cage, he saw a little boy crying near the barricade.

What happened with Cody Rhodes and a crying fan at a WWE live event?

He stopped immediately and took the child, lifted him up, and staring to talk to him in an attempt to comfort him. He tried his best to make the little guy stop crying and when he did stop by the charm of the pro wrestler’s comforting words, Cody handed him to his parents.

The RAW fighter’s image with the crying little fan went viral almost immediately sparking an affectionate impression of him on his fans.

Why do many consider Cody Rhodes as modern-day John Cena?

During his active career day, John Cena used to dominate youngster’s heart and soul altogether and Cody too is very prominent among the comparatively younger audience. Furthermore, observing his sweet gesture toward a little fan remained many WWE fans of his resemblance with John and that’s why they started calling him a modern-day John Cena.

His unique physique is his strongest point making him naturally a powerful fighter. However, over the years Cody stressed on establishing his image as a technical fighter and is moving ahead with that notion very rapidly. Share your opinion on comparing him with John Cena in the comment section.

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