Who is Andrew Tate’s sister? Looking into self-professed “trillionaire” Andrew’s “feminist” sibling

Son of a renowned chess player, a former kickboxer, a businessman proclaiming to be a millionaire, an internet sensation, and a social media influencer – yes, you guessed it. We are talking about Andrew Tate, a man who is never too far away from the limelight. Even when he is detained in prison in Romania, he is grabbing the headlines every now and then.

Amidst his deteriorating conditions and poor legal support, questions have been raised about whether he has other family members to support him. Enter Janine Tate, Andrew Tate’s hardly known sister, to whom Andrew once alluded as a “feminist.”

Andrew Tate
Janine, Andrew Tate’s only sister

Andrew Tate is very close to his brother Tristan Tate. In fact, they both are detained in prison with severe accusations hanging on their heads. While they have not been formally charged yet, Andrew and Tristan, along with their two Romanian compatriots, have been in Romanian custody, with allegations of racketeering, rape, and running prostitution rings.

For this reason, Andrew could have used legal counsel. This is where his sister could be of help as she was named in the 2019 super lawyers list in America, where she lives now, with her family. However, Andrew once brought her sister up, mentioning that they were not on talking terms.

How is Andrew Tate’s relationship with her only sister?

In that conversation, Andrew labeled Janine as a “Low IQ” individual as she went to feminist rallies, and who dissuaded from the values they held. Andrew claimed that the brothers put the teachings and values their father instilled in them. Janine, on the other hand, was unlike them.

Andrew Tate
Eileen Tate posing with her only daughter Janine

Having said that, Andrew did wish her well even though they did not talk anymore. From his conversation, it was clear that he did not know about her exact whereabouts as he claimed, “she lives in f***ing somewhere in Kentucky.” Mentioning that Andrew claimed they could never live under the same roof anymore, citing gender as the primary reason. He felt that they had one too many philosophical and ideological differences to live together peacefully.

Who is Janine, Andrew Tate’s sister?

Janine Tate is the third child of the famous late African-American chess player Emory Tate Junior and Eileen Tate. She was born in Chicago. However, after her parents parted ways she went to Luton to live with her mother, who is British. Eileen lived in the vicinity of her relatives who resided in Bedfordshire council estate, with three of her children.

Andrew Tate
Janine with her father Emory Tate

The only daughter of the family had a tight relationship with her mother which reflected in her academic life as well. She received her law degree from the University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law. However, she returned to the USA after completing her bachelor’s degree. She, reportedly, practices law in Kentucky, specializing in healthcare and insurance defense.

Unlike her brother, she is pretty reclusive. Her online presence is minuscule compared to her brother, as all of her social media accounts have privacy locks on.

Does Janine have a family of her own?

Residing in Lexington, Kentucky, Janine is reportedly married to an American man. She has hitched to Norman Webb and has one son. Janine now goes by Webb and is called Janine Webb.

Norman, contrary to Janine’s brains, is probably the brawl in the family as he is pursuing to be a competitive bodybuilder. Norman, however, has excelled in academics as well. He has a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Kentucky. He proclaims to be a fitness and nutrition enthusiast.

In the dire times of Andrew, neither Norman nor Janine will come to aid probably. The family altogether cut ties with the Tate brothers as they were speculated to be embarrassed by their antics, and did not stand by their preachings.

The “Internet’s Top G” has a lot of followers who voice their support for him constantly. So no getting support from his sister will probably not affect him much!


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