Who is Haley Cavinder suffered ‘mental breakdown’ for dating Cowboys TE Jake Ferguson?

Haley Cavinder is one of the famous Cavinder Twins, whom you might know from TikTok, basketball, or maybe through NFL star Jake Ferguson. She is famous both as an athlete and as a social media personality.

Beyond her success in sports and social media, Haley recently became a subject of intense scrutiny after confirming her relationship with Dallas Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson. 

Who is Haley Cavinder?

Haley Cavinder is a social media figure and college basketball player. She was born in Gilbert, Arizona, and has a twin sister named Hanna Cavinder. Both sisters are famous on the social media platform TikTok and are mainly known as the Cavinder Twins. 

Haley played basketball with the University of Miami and became a member of the Miami Hurricanes Women’s Basketball Team. She showed incredible skills by recording multiple triple-doubles during her college career.

Haley Cavinder

Haley Cavinder also expressed interest in wrestling, and she even made a backstage appearance on WWE NXT with her sister Hanna. The sisters have been TikTok stars since the COVID-19 outbreak. During that period, they gained recognition and currently, the sisters have 5 million followers. 

Haley and her sister became among the first student-athletes to sign endorsement deals, allowing athletes to profit from their NIL.

In spring 2023, the twins contemplated leaving college basketball for WWE but decided to continue. Haley chose to play her final year at Texas Christian University.

Haley Cavinder faced online abuse for dating Jake Ferguson

In October 2023, rumors started circulating that Haley Cavinder was dating Jake Ferguson. The Cowboys TE posted a photo of them hugging, which sparked these rumors. 

Later, Haley talked about the TE on her podcast and referred to him as “Bae Ferguson,” which confirmed their relationship. After a month, she also attended a Cowboys game to support Ferguson. However, recently she disclosed how this relationship led her to a mental breakdown. 

Haley shared how, after she made her relationship with the NFL star public, she had to face online abuse and cruel comments about her appearance. 

“I was in Forever 21 having a great day with my mom and Hannah and I got this post and I just started looking at the comments about my face.”

The TikTok star emphasized that she is a confident person but when someone is constantly criticizing your appearance, it takes a toll on your confidence. 

“I’m a confident girl, but when people are saying stuff about you — if you have a boyfriend and someone is talking about you online with your boyfriend… like coming at your features — I’m like, this is new and obviously Jake is a great guy, but you don’t want to be called ugly on the internet 24/7, and your boyfriend sees it. That’s not going to make anyone feel cool.”

Haley Cavinder
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Haley Cavinder shared that because of this online abuse and criticism, she suffered a mental breakdown. However, she applauded Jake for his supportive approach, which helped her cope with this situation. 

”So I had a mental breakdown, but that was a while ago. Honestly, I’m very confident and comfortable sharing my relationship because Jake was very loud about it… He was always like that so it made me feel very comfortable and confident sharing him as well.”

Haley Cavinder’s experience highlights the darker side of fame, where public figures face online abuse and criticism. Despite this, her resilience and the support from her boyfriend contribute to her confidence in sharing her relationship with the public.

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