Who is WWE star Dominik Mysterio’s real-life love Marie Juliette? Everything you need to know

Dominik Mysterio is a huge star in WWE, drawing massive audiences to their televisions and online. Everyone is wondering about his romantic life—not the one he has on Monday Nights with Rhea Ripley, but the one he has with Marie Juliette. Rhea Ripley and Dominik may seem like the ideal WWE pair, but they’re just pals.

Dominik and Marie Juliette recently marked a huge moment in their lives—they got engaged! They shared a lovely video on Instagram, offering a peek into their personal world beyond the wrestling ring. Fans might be pleasantly surprised by this real-life milestone of the couple.

Who is Dominik Mysterio’s fiancé Marie Juliette?

Mysterio, a villain in WWE and a genetic surprise, has established himself as a formidable wrestler, particularly thanks to his on-screen pairing with Rhea Ripley on Judgment Day. Dominik’s career has skyrocketed since September 2022, when their act first became popular. Beyond the ring, Dominik is engaged to Marie Juliette.

There have been suggestions that Dominik’s fiancee, Marie Juliette, who is just three months younger than he is, may be a singer and may join WWE as part of the Dom-Rhea plot.

Dominik Mysterio
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Dirty Dom, a tough guy, is actually a devoted family man, much like his father in love and commitment. During a chat on Baker’s Bantering, he got a tricky question about his engagement to Juliette.

Dom shared that while life on the road could be tough, they were ready for it. He mentioned that they both knew how crucial it is to give their best for the relationship and follow his lead.

Details on WWE star Dominik Mysterio’s love life

Mysterio decided to become a wrestler and traveled to Tampa to train, leaving Marie Juliette behind while she was still in school. As a WWE superstar, he is always on the road, attending events all across the nation.

Dominik and Juliette overcame the challenges of a long-distance relationship by working hard to nurture their connection.

Juliette posted a touching Instagram video filled with personal memories in honor of them. They also joined the social media trend of posting flashback videos to offer their followers a glimpse into their long-lasting love of 12 years. They’ve been dating for 14 years.

The two were engaged in January, and it seems that Dirty Dom has a soft spot for Juliette. She’s been seen out and about with them, even when Dominik’s not around.

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