Why did Cody Rhodes hide Stardust action figure?

At the beginning of Monday Night RAW, Randy Orton received an enormous reception. Orton spoke about how his friend Cody Rhodes had asked him to join the WarGames squad fighting the Judgment Day. Cody may have missed the memo, but he appeared in a commercial that aired shortly after.

Every segment of RAW was entertaining, with the highlight being the promotional piece featuring Cody Rhodes, where the audience erupted in laughter. He was caught red-handed in the video attempting to conceal a Stardust action figure. The motive behind hiding the toy might be clear to those familiar with Cody Rhodes over the years.

Cody Rhodes hides Stardust action figure

Wrestling legend Cody Rhodes began his career in WWE before transitioning to AEW. Following a successful stint in AEW, he made a return to WWE and swiftly gained popularity among fans. His dedicated efforts throughout his career have now culminated in this notable achievement.

His most recent victory on the Survivor series WarGames made headlines throughout the world. However, there’s one aspect of his time as Stardust in WWE that he would want the public to ignore.

Cody Rhodes
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Rhodes’ brother Goldust served as inspiration for his persona, which he played in the latter years of his WWE career. Rhodes didn’t enjoy the gimmick, even if it was based on comic novels, because of the terrible booking and dull bouts. Nearly ten years have passed since he last utilized the Stardust gimmick, yet the memories continue to trouble him.

Rhodes recently promoted WWE shop in a video, hiding the Stardust action figure under a Roman Reigns figure. Social media users took notice of Rhodes’s decision, which shows how eager he is to put that part of his life in the past. Rhodes would rather that people remember his present success rather than his distaste for the Stardust gimmick since he has improved and grown since then.

Rhodes blamed himself for failed gimmick

Ever since Cody Rhodes departed WWE, fans have been curious about his Stardust persona. He has said that Stephanie McMahon was the one who proposed the plan, but that it was ultimately unsuccessful and caused him to leave WWE. After realizing that Stardust wouldn’t get him anywhere in WWE, Cody shared his thoughts on the matter, saying that he has committed to attempting to alter it.

Cody Rhodes
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After two years of Stardust, Cody took to twitter to clarify that WWE was not to blame for the character’s lack of popularity. He also went on to describe his mental condition at the time. Cody admitted the fault and placed the blame on himself.

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