WWE reportedly in talks with Indiana Gaming Commission to legalize betting on scripted matches


Most of the aware viewers of WWE already know that the matches and storylines follow a script. In that case, how does one incorporate betting into such a sport? Well, the world is about to find that out since WWE has penned down a contract with Indiana Gaming Commission, according to multiple reports, with a view toward the legalization of betting in their sport.

Earlier in the week, CNBC reported that WWE was seeking to discuss with Colorado and Michigan state gambling regulators so that they could go ahead with their plans to legalize betting. However, the Colorado division of gaming has turned down that proposal. They have come forward with a statement saying they have a system in place that won’t allow betting in scripted events.

How does WWE intend to move forward with its plans to legalize betting?

While the Colorado division of gaming has blocked a path for WWE, they are not backing down. They have registered under the Indiana Gaming Commission in order to move forward with their plans. WWE has also sought consultancy from an accounting firm named Ernst and Young.

EY has previously worked with the Oscars to keep account of votes and keep them confidential up until the final event. Given their reputation, WWE has opted to consult with them in order to keep their scripts confidential. Betting has to have a prerequisite of preventing the outcomes of the scripted matches and storylines from leaking.

Will WWE have to rethink its existing format?

Having said that, WWE might have to rethink its format. The promotion will be on the verge of a revamp if they consolidate their betting plans. Not only do they have to keep the results confidential from the fans but they will have to keep the involved athletes in the dark as well. However, that might put a dent in the scripting formats.

To ensure transparency there’s no alternative but to keep the results on lock from the talents. At the same time, talents will have a hard time with the script moving forward since they design their training regime in accordance with that. It remains to be seen how WWE will handle the situation.



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