WWE superstar Trish Stratus clarifies reasons behind shocking betrayal of Becky Lynch last week

Trish Stratus shocked everyone after she turned on Becky Lynch at last week’s Monday Night Raw. After losing the women’s tag team titles match against Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan, Becky hugged Trish and consoled the Hall of Famer. However, Stratus attacked Becky from behind and hit her with the finisher Chick Kick.

It is needless to say that everyone was confused as to why would Trish backstab Becky Lynch. The former WWE women’s champion made an appearance at the recently concluded Monday Night Raw and explained the reason behind attacking Becky Lynch.

Trish Stratus said that she was unhappy with how Becky took all the limelight and didn’t thank her even once. Moreover, she said that Big Time Becks’ comments on the four horsewomen revolutionizing the women’s division made her angry. During this segment, the 47-year-old diva also took shots at Lita for blindly being Becky’s sidekick.

Trish Stratus also added that she wanted to put Lita out of her misery and therefore attacked her backstage and revealed that she sabotaged Becky Lynch in their title fight during the tag team title match.

Trish Stratus claims she is not anyone’s sidekick and is the greatest of all time

Trish Stratus did not pull any punches back in this week’s Monday Night Raw. Not only did she explain the reason behind attacking Becky Lynch but she also took a dig at the crowd for not thanking her at Wrestlemania 35. The former WWE Divas champion made a statement by attacking Lita.

Trish Stratus speaking at Raw

“I am not a nostalgia act, I am not anyone’s childhood fantasy. And I sure as hell am nobody’s sidekick. I am the greatest of all time. And I am the single most important figure in the history of WWE. And I am here to make sure none of you forget it.”

Following her attack on Becky Lynch, we could see a new rivalry building up and expect them to square off at WWE Backlash. With that being said, it would be interesting to see how Becky responds to Trish Stratus’ claims. Do let us know in the comments section your thoughts on this Monday Night Raw segment.


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