WWE veteran claims Cody Rhodes’ WWE Backlash 2023 match vs Brock Lesnar to possibly shed light on his WrestleMania 39 loss vs Roman Reigns

In the world of professional wrestling, Cody Rhodes has been making headlines. The son of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, Cody has become one of the most respected and talented wrestlers in the business. His recent departure from WWE has left many fans wondering what the future holds for him.

Cody Rhodes

In a recent interview with Teddy Long on Inside the Ropes, the topic of Cody Rhodes came up. Long praised Rhodes for his work ethic and his dedication to the business. He noted that Rhodes was always willing to put in the extra work and that he had a natural talent that couldn’t be taught.

Long also spoke about the changes he had seen in the wrestling business over the years. He noted that things were different now than they were when he was the general manager of WWE, but he was excited to see how the business was evolving.

Cody Rhodes succumbed to defeat against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 39

When asked about the recent draft, Long said that the vibe backstage was great. He had a chance to talk with many of the young talent, including Selena Vega and Sami Zayn. Long praised Zayn, saying that he had always known that Zayn was going to be a big star.

Teddy Long on his backstage experience at the WWE draft and Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar

Long also spoke about Dominik Mysterio, who he said had more heat than anybody. He praised Mysterio’s ability to tell a story that involved family and said that he believed Mysterio would be a bigger star and a better heel once his current storyline with his father, Rey Mysterio, was over.

Paul Heyman WWE 2023

In conclusion, Teddy Long’s appearance on Inside the Ropes was a fascinating look at the current state of WWE, as well as the young talent that is coming up through the ranks. Long’s insights into the business are always worth hearing, and his predictions about the future of Mysterio and Zayn are intriguing.

While the departure of Cody Rhodes has left some fans feeling uncertain, Long’s comments suggest that there is plenty of talent and excitement to be found in the world of professional wrestling. Long’s enthusiasm for the current product is infectious, and it’s clear that he still loves the business as much as ever.

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