Zhilei Zhang throws a dig at Tyson Fury, and demands the title shot and less talk: “He should stop telling fake stuff”

Zhilei Zhang, also known as the explosive ‘Big Bang,’ has delivered a clever gibe to the heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, demanding a conclusion to the seemingly endless chatter and a start to some real action inside the squared circle.

Fresh off an electrifying victory over Joe Joyce in the heart of London, Zhang’s name has been circulating as a potential challenger for Fury’s coveted title.

However, Joyce’s decision to activate his rematch clause seems to have temporarily derailed Zhang’s shot at greatness.

Tyson Fury

Zhilei Zhang’s brutal jab at Tyson Fury

While Zhang prepares to face Joyce once again in a high-stakes rematch potentially during late 2023/early 2024, Fury finds himself desperately seeking a dance partner in the ring to wrap up the year properly.

Despite his efforts to secure clashes with the likes of Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua, both pugilists have their sights set on different opponents, leaving Fury in a frustrating predicament.

Fury’s crew is currently scurrying to locate a challenger eager to enter the ring and test their mettle against the current heavyweight champion from a surprisingly huge roster of challengers.

In a scathing attack, Zhang unleashed a barrage of verbal punches directed at Fury, accusing him of spreading falsehoods and deceiving boxing fans with empty promises.

Zhilei firmly believes that actions speak louder than words, urging Fury to prove his worth through his performance inside the ropes rather than engaging in a seemingly never-ending war of words.

With a warrior’s spirit burning within him, Zhang, now 40 years old, looks hungry for a shot at the title, and if he manages to conquer Joyce once again, Fury may just find himself in the crosshairs of the ‘Big Bang’ sensation.

Zhilei Zhang’s next potential opponent

Rumors are swirling that Fury may soon receive a massive offer to face Usyk in the grandeur of Saudi Arabia this December, where the undisputed unification crown awaits the victor.

However, before that potential blockbuster clash, Fury’s promoter, the seasoned Frank Warren, has confirmed plans for a September showdown to keep the Gypsy King sharp and ready for battle.

Zhilei looks to be contractually bound for a rematch against Joyce, however it is unlikely he will want to take on anyone else but Fury should Joe pull out. Do you see Zhang defeating Tyson if the match were to take place? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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