Top 10 Biggest WWE Superstars of All Time

WWE has a plethora of superstars in its itinerary. From cruiserweights to heavyweights and everything in between – WWE has seen the prodigies become legends in no time. We know size doesn’t matter, but WWE has smaller superstars as well as some of the biggest superstars to its name.

Nowadays, athleticism and fitness matter the most in the squared circle. Superstars, flying high, and dropping intricate power moves steal the heart of the fans. However, it does not overshadow the bigger ones’ achievements and skills. Some of the greatest wrestlers have been some of the biggest.

In some cases, having a bigger frame and body structure have been helpful to the company. In the early days of wrestling promotions, WWE used the bigger superstars to garner audiences. We’ve seen many superstars over the years who made it to the top because they were perfect for heel figures and got a tremendous push as a result.

It is a tough task to rank the big legends of WWE. The list is huge. Nevertheless, we’ve taken the time to research these superstars and ranked them as the following:


#10. WWE Legend – The Undertaker: (Height – 6 ft 10 in (208 cm), (Weight – 136 kg)

WWE Undertaker

Mark William Calaway, better known as ‘The Undertaker’ is a household name in the wrestling universe. ‘The Phenom’ is one of the most distinguished figures in WWE History thanks to his mysterious character and mind games. His innovative gimmicks and large size, invoke fear in the minds of his opponents and the audience.

The Deadman stands at a massive 6 ft 10 in (208 cm) with a weight of 136 kg, making him one of the biggest superstars in WWE history. He’s been at the very top of his game since the beginning of his career. Despite being 55 years old, he isn’t showing any signs of retiring.

The Undertaker’s relevance to the world of wrestling is well-documented in wrestling history. From winning every top championship in the WWE (previously WWF) to having one of the most legendary streaks at Wrestlemania, Undertaker is a living legend in this business.

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#9. Big John Studd: (Height – 6 ft 10 in (208 cm), (Weight – 165.1 kg)

WWE Big John Studd

One of the veterans of professional wrestling, Big John Studd, was a popular figure among wrestling fans in the United States. He first came to the limelight in the ’90s. Many of today’s generation might not recall his moves and performances in the ring, but his enormous stature is quite unforgettable.

The ‘Big’ in his name was enough threat to any opponent. He was 6 ft 10 in (208 cm) in height and weighed a massive 165.1 kg. Big John Studd wrestled in the American Wrestling Association (AWA) before aligning with Vince McMahon’s WWF in the 1980s.

His iconic feuds with another big man, Andre the Giant and The Heenan Family, are considered among the best. He was also one of the first big superstars to be regarded as a legend.
He got inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame in 2004.


#8. WWE Superstar Kane: (Height – 7 ft 0 in (213 cm), (Weight – 147 kg)

WWE Kane

Another active wrestler on the list is kayfabe ‘brother’ to the legendary Undertaker. Kane also finds a place in the list and rightfully so. Due to his robust body structure and incredible exploits in the squared circle, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

The Big Red Monster (Kane’s nickname) has been destroying rival superstars in the company for the past two decades. With a height of 7 ft 0 in (213 cm) and a weight of 147 kgs, He is one of the most prominent wrestlers in the world.

Kane’s status as one of the elites of the company is unmistakable. He has enjoyed a successful career in the WWE, winning every championship there is. He’s also found success outside the ring. He currently the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Just like his ‘brother,’ Kane will be remembered as one of the all-time greats.


#7. WWE Hall Of Fame Mark Henry: (Height – 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m), (Weight – 181 kg)

WWE Mark Henry

Mark Henry is not just one of the biggest superstars in WWE at the moment; he ranks among the biggest superstars wrestling has EVER witnessed. Thanks to his giant stature, The Silverback tormented his rivals in the squared circle.

Standing at 6 feet and 4 inches, Henry is one of the largest superstars out there. He weighs a massive 181 kg can only be overshadowed by just a few of his colleagues. Coupling that with his brutal hits and powerful slams in the ring, he is almost unstoppable.

Mark Henry is a superstar who took the wrestling world by storm. Since stepping onto the wrestling scene in 1996. The World’s Strongest Man has maintained his spot among the top guys in the business. He remains a vital asset to Vince McMahon’s billion-dollar company.

Mark Henry found his place in the WWE Hall Of Fame, Class of 2018.


#6. WWE Superstar The Great Khali (Height – 7 ft 1 in (216 cm), (Weight – 157 kg)

WWE Khali

We’ve witnessed many Indian superstars step into the ring and put up fantastic performances to entertain spectators over the years. From Tiger Ali Singh, Jeet Rama, Gama Singh, Kavita Devi, and superstars like Jinder Mahal, Mahabali Shera, and Sushil Kumar, the list goes on.

However, not many of these superstars were able to shake the wrestling world as much as the Great Khali. Nicknamed ‘The Punjabi Nightmare,’ he lives up to his name as he continues to be a nightmare to elite superstars in the wrestling world.

Khali, whose real name is Dalip Singh Rana, stands at a massive 7 ft 1 in (216 cm) with an unbelievable weight of 157 kg. A native of Mumbai, India, the Great Khali debuted in the WWE in 2000. He has established himself as one of the greatest giants to step into the wrestling ring, with several notable accolades in his career. He is currently the leading Indian superstar on the WWE roster.

Khali’s grandeur has helped WWE gain a massive following in India.


#5. WWE Superstar Viscera (Big Daddy V): (Height -7 ft 1 in (216 cm), (Weight – 221kg)

WWE Viscera

Retired WWE superstar, Viscera, aka Big Daddy V or King Mabel, is also one of the biggest superstars setting the WWE on fire.

Big Daddy wasn’t one of the most skillful WWE wrestlers during his time in the company. Still, his enormous size earned him a lot of clouts as Mr. McMahon gave him a massive push to be one of the top guys.

With a massive height of 7 ft 1 in (216 cm) and an unbelievable weight of 221 kg, he was a ‘big’ problem to opponents. His dreadful bodyslams left his opponents immobile.

Unfortunately, he passed away in February 2014. Still, he will always be remembered as one of the biggest men to step into the ring.


#4. WWE Superstar The Big Show: (Height – 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m), (Weight – 174 kg)

WWE big show

Any list that omits the iconic giant with regards to ranking the top biggest men in WWE history will surely invite criticisms from co-superstars and spectators alike.

There is no argument against the inclusion of the humongous destroyer on this list. Despite Show’s limited mobility due to his large size, his achievements cannot be overlooked.

With a height of 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m) and a weight of 174 kg, Big Show is among the biggest WWE superstars. He has won many titles, including the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE belt. He’s also had many high-profile feuds against top superstars like The Undertaker, John Cena, and Mark Henry.


#3. WWE Hall Of Famer Yokozuna: (Height – 6ft 4 in (193 cm), (Weight – 267.2kg)


Yokozuna, whose actual name is Rodney Agatupa, got his famous ring name from the highest rank in Japanese sumo wrestling. He made a name for himself, highlighting his wrestling career during his time in the WWE. The Asian giant stormed Vince McMahon’s company.

Yokozuna enjoyed a great run in the WWE, capturing several titles and enjoying several top-quality feuds with many top superstars. His feud with the Undertaker was arguably the most impressive of his wrestling career, pushing him to the top.

He stood at 6 feet, 4 inches (193 cm) and weighed a massive 267.2 kg. He retired from professional wrestling in the year 2000.

Yokozuna was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in the class of 2012.

#2. WWE Superstar Giant Silva: (Height – 7 ft, 5 inc), (Weight: 175kg)

When it comes to rating the biggest superstars we’ve witnessed in wrestling, Giant Silva is among the top names that come to mind. The superstar often competed at the losing end of the tag team and handicap matches. His colossal size is too can’t be overlooked on this list.

The Brazilian, whose real name is Paulo Cesar Silva, was nicknamed ‘Giant Silva’ due to his immense physique. Before breaking into the wrestling ring, he started as a basketball player and even played for the Brazilian national basketball team.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stay long in the squared circle. The major highlight of his career is the 3-on-4 win over Kaientai at SummerSlam 1998. With a 7 feet 5 inches height and a weight of 175 kg, he is one of the biggest men in professional wrestling history.


#1.  WWE Legend Andre the Giant: (Height – 7 ft 4 in (224 cm), (Weight – 235.9 kg)

Former WWE superstar, André René Roussimoff, known famously ring name, Andre The Giant, tops our list of the biggest WWE wrestlers of all time – thanks to his awe-inspiring 7 ft 4 in (224 cm) height and 235.9 kg weight.

The notable thing about Andre the Giant isn’t just that he was big. Instead, it is that he was literally ‘larger than life.’ He often looked like the biggest man who ever lived. His stature inspired many wrestling fans to nickname him ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World.’

The French superstar is arguably the greatest athlete to perform in the squared circle. During his time at the top, Andre was a dominant superstar who was involved in many top-level feuds. His feud with Hulk Hogan is one of the best in the company. Andre died in 1993 but has recorded his name in the history books.
He was the first to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

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