“Completely lazy”: Wrestling fans express their displeasure with WWE and its brand-new Women’s Championship belt for current WC Asuka

In the electrifying realm of professional wrestling, where drama and excitement collide, the WWE has unleashed a brand-new Women’s Championship belt for the illustrious Asuka, and it seems that the Twitterverse is buzzing with mixed reactions.

Let’s step into the ring of opinions and add our own unique blend of wit, insight, and combat sports jargon to the melee!

WWE officially unveils Women’s Championship belt

During this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, the ever-present figure of authority, Adam Pearce, graced the stage to present Asuka with her gleaming new WWE Women’s Championship. With a flourish, Pearce revealed the majestic title and securely fastened it around Asuka’s waist. But before the celebration could settle, the unmistakable music of Charlotte Flair echoed throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of a formidable challenger.


Flair, acknowledging her deep respect for Asuka, wasted no time in expressing her desire to lay claim to the newly minted title belt. Ever the valiant champion, Asuka accepted Flair’s challenge, igniting a fiery confrontation between the two titanic forces. In a swift maneuver, Asuka unleashed her infamous mist, but the cunning Flair ducked, propelling the champ out of the ring.

So, everything was lined up for the epic June 30th episode of WWE SmackDown to feature an exciting match between Asuka and Charlotte Flair. Before the climactic clash between Asuka and Flair, the backstage area witnessed a compelling encounter between Adam Pearce and the fiercely talented Bianca Belair.

Pearce implored Belair to exercise restraint and refrain from attacking Asuka during the course of the night. He also hinted at a potential rematch between Belair and Asuka in the near future. However, with Flair’s audacious challenge, Belair found herself conferring with Pearce once again, eagerly anticipating his next move.

Fans’ Reaction to New Women’s Championship Belt

Now, let’s turn our attention to the rambunctious realm of Twitter, where wrestling aficionados have assembled to voice their opinions on Asuka’s fresh accolade. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of sentiments, laced with the charm of wit and infused with the allure of quirky phrases that only the realm of professional wrestling can offer.

Goldenforce772, not one to mince words, found the new design lacking in originality, dubbing it a “white strapped version of Roman’s.” While resemblances can sometimes stifle inspiration, perhaps WWE missed an opportunity to infuse Asuka’s championship with a unique and captivating essence, truly setting it apart.

Kristie Wilson offers her succinct verdict with a simple yet impactful “yuck.” Taste, as they say, varies among individuals, and not every eye will appreciate the same aesthetic choices.

Last but not least, Aidan injects a dash of quirkiness into the conversation, highlighting the uncanny resemblance between the new women’s championship and the illustrious “undisputed universal championship.”

Who knows? Perhaps there exists an enigmatic cosmic connection between the two belts, destined to converge in a mind-bending, interdimensional title match! And so, the captivating tapestry of the wrestling community on Twitter has spoken, revealing a spectrum of opinions on Asuka’s freshly anointed WWE Women’s Championship.


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