Deontay Wilder receives criticism for making controversial allegations against Tyson Fury

The world of boxing is no stranger to drama, controversy, and fierce rivalries. The latest chapter in the ongoing saga between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder is no different.

Wilder recently made grave accusations against Tyson, accusing him of cheating, which has sparked a fiery debate within the boxing community. However, amidst all the chaos, an unexpected individual has come forward to defend Fury’s reputation.

IFL TV recently shared a video featuring a prominent figure in the boxing world who vehemently spoke out against Wilder’s allegations. This individual passionately urged Deontay to display some respect towards Fury.

Emphasizing that Fury had not engaged in any form of cheating and deserved to be treated with dignity.

Frank Warren, the promoter of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson, has emerged as a vocal opponent of Wilder’s recent comments, which accused Fury of cheating in their trilogy bout from two years ago.

During an interview, Warren passionately defended Fury’s character and called for Deontay to show him the respect he deserves.

“Show Tyson some respect, he’s not cheated,” Warren said. “I mean, what did he cheat? Getting off the floor in the first fight? And coming back, he was cheated out of the first fight, he won that fight (Tyson), that was a bad decision.”

Deontay Wilder levels cheating accusations against Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury speaks in his post fight interview

Warren further criticized Wilder for persisting with unfounded accusations against Fury. Despite the existence of compelling evidence to the contrary.

Warren said. “Tyson did what I said he would do, he would stop him and he did stop him. Third fight was a bloody excellent fight, it’s the best light heavyweight fight I attended, not watched on film. The atmosphere, the fight, it was just electric and he was part of that. Takes two guys to bare their soul and do that in the ring and he was part of that history and he shouldn’t demean it by calling Tyson a cheat.”

Tyson Fury

Wilder, who suffered defeats to Fury in their rematch and the ensuing bout, has been extremely vocal about his disapproval of Fury’s methods and has alleged that he resorted to cheating to gain an upper hand.

Nonetheless, the boxing community at large has largely rejected Wilder’s assertions. And Warren’s statements indicate an increasing exasperation with Wilder’s persistent efforts to undermine Fury’s accomplishments inside the ring.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing conflict between Deontay and Tyson? Do you believe that Wilder’s allegations hold any weight, or do you align with Warren’s stance of safeguarding Fury’s reputation?

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