Deontay Wilder taken into custody by LAPD officers for smoking weed and carrying firearm in his Rolls Royce

Since his final fight in October 2022, Deontay Wilder has yet to enter the ring this year. But The Bronze Bomber, who was detained for a number of offenses including carrying a concealed weapon, entered the prison yesterday.

On what charges was Deontay Wilder detained and imprisoned yesterday?

Official reports state that Wilder was driving his vehicle in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles at about midnight on Tuesday. The former WBC heavyweight champion was eventually pulled over by neighborhood police, and a pistol was discovered in his vehicle.

Wilder was stopped for illegally possessing a 9mm weapon while driving his Rolls Royce, according to TMZ. In Wilder’s car, the police also discovered marijuana that had been burned. The heavyweight fighter remained cooperative during the arrest, though, and was later put into the Los Angeles Police Department’s custody, according to the police report. 

The Bronze Bomber was reportedly detained at around 3 in the morning after being arrested at around 1 in the morning. The 37-year-old boxer was released from custody after three hours by paying a $35,000 bond. Later, Deontay sent his fans and followers a tweet with the mysterious message, “I’d rather be safe than sorry. The End.”

Only a week ago, Anthony Joshua told KayPhysical that Wilder is the opponent he’s planning to face next. The British man also revealed the likely date and location of their showdown. AJ stated that he and The Bronze Bomber would fight in Saudi Arabia in December. The battle may now be in peril for the time being as a result of Wilder’s arrest.

Wilder is due to appear in court on May 23 in Los Angeles in three weeks. The American heavyweight might receive a fine of more than $10,000, depending on the seriousness of the charges. Given the situation, both Joshua and Wilder’s camp have given up on a December bout.

What kind of effects do you anticipate the arrest will have on Deontay Wilder’s boxing career? Let us know what you think in the comment area. 

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