Despite suffering at the hands of Morocco, Cristiano Ronaldo stands by the earthquake-hit nation with kind gesture

Cristiano Ronaldo may be a great player on the pitch, but he will be remembered for more than that. The Portuguese striker is a great humanitarian, having provided aid and help for millions across the globe. His numerous acts of charity are well known, and Cristiano is considered among many fans to be a very great man for his deeds.

Unfortunately, the world is constantly plagued with disasters and many other problems. During these times, professionals who have the fortune to do so must help the common people. An example is Cristiano Ronaldo who has again shown his class by helping the people of Morocco who have been afflicted with a deadly earthquake.

Ronaldo joins in Morocco’s aid after devastating earthquake

On Friday, a deadly earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 hit the nation of Morocco. Already more than 2k have been confirmed to be dead and many more injured. With mass devastation, many have become homeless and have become refugees overnight. 

According to Marca, in this crucial time, Cristiano Ronaldo stepped in. With many survivors requiring emergency shelter, Ronaldo opened up his hotel in Morocco to aid anyone seeking shelter. Cristiano’s Pestana CR7 Marrakech is a 4 star hotel and one of his many global hotel chains. It contains 174 rooms, which will allow many families to live comfortably until the disaster passes.

Ronaldo also shared a heartlfelt message on Instagram to show his support for the afflicted people. It said, “My deepest condolences to the families and friends of all those who lost their lives in the earthquake in Morocco. Sending love and prayers to all in Morocco at this very difficult time.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Moroccan national team, which had knocked out Ronaldo’s Portugal in the World Cup, also shared their empathy with the people. The players donated blood to help the afflicted people and encouraged many others to do the same.

Cristiano Ronaldo philanthropy

As said before, Cristiano Ronaldo also has done many philantrophic works in the past. Just a few months back when a deadly earthquake afflicted Turkey and Syria, the five time Balon d’Or winner had also provided aid to them. Even in 2015, during the deadly Nepal eartquake, he was one of the first foreigners to bring in aid.

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Cristiano has also auctioned his 2013 Balon d’Or trophy to send aid to the Make-A-Wish foundation to build hospitals. He did the same with his Golden Boot award to help fund many schools in war stricken Gaza. During the 2020 pandemic, he made many donations to hospitals in Portugal to help fight the crisis.

All of his many humanitarian actions have made him a global figure loved by millions. Furthermore, we would like to extend out heartfelt condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Morocco and pray for their well being.

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