Drew McIntyre contract situation: curious details come out about Scottish Warrior’s WWE stay

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is set to face Seth for the WrestleMania World Heavyweight Championship. However, his future appearances for the brand after the marquee event are not confirmed, following recent revelations about his contract details.

McIntyre recently appeared on WWE RAW alongside CM Punk. With Punk absent from the main event, fans are disappointed not to see the two facing off against each other. McIntyre’s contract raises serious questions about whether he will appear for the brand in the future.

Update on Drew McIntyre’s WWE contract situation

The Scottish Warrior is contracted with WWE until the end of WrestleMania 40. This means that after the event concludes, he will become a free agent unless he signs a new contract. As of now, he has not committed himself to a new deal. Reports suggest that he is taking things slow and focusing on his family going forward.

The demanding nature of WWE, with wrestlers traveling extensively for shows in different states throughout the year, can be challenging for their family members. This could be a significant reason why he has not yet signed a new deal.

However, Dave Meltzer believes a new deal is imminent. Speaking on The Wrestling Observer, he mentioned that McIntyre’s new storyline is resonating well with the audience and may prompt him to negotiate the contract and seek a raise.

Another indication of his staying with WWE is that McIntyre has been involved in feuds and building up his storyline for the summer. His recent interaction with CM Punk could be a buildup to a potential future event.

Dave Meltzer also mentioned Becky Lynch, whose contract is also slated to run out soon. With her championship at stake in WrestleMania, she is not leaving anytime soon. For McIntyre, if he wins against Cody Rhodes, that will even make the case stronger for him to renew his contract.

Drew McIntyre talks about Triple H’s booking

In a recent interview, McIntyre also spoke about the changes in WWE after Triple H took over the reins. He alluded to his recent success with the free approach taken by WWE.

‘I feel the way I’ve not felt in a long time. I really have to point back to my independent run, where I truly found myself and was truly relaxed, and I wasn’t worried about anything except telling my truth,’ The Scottish Warrior was quoted saying to CBS Sports.

The recent segment on WWE with CM Punk and Drew McIntyre was very in line with the new approach. It seems the stars are totally fine if given some creative leeway. If this brings heightened rivalries, fans will surely enjoy it too.

McIntyre also pointed out how there were certain limitations imposed by the creatives on what he could do. Now, if he wants to try out something new, he could do that. He believes that even if something does not work out, he is ready to take all the implications for it.


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