Ex-WWE manager talks about how fans persuaded Logan Paul to become a villain

Although many might disagree, YouTuber-turned-wrestler Logan Paul is indeed one of the most promising newcomers to the current WWE roster. Recently, a former WWE manager discussed Logan’s rise in the wrestling business and what people actually anticipate him to be.

Almost a year ago, Logan made his professional wrestling debut. But the internet influencer accomplished a lot and gathered a sizable following in just a single year. Yet there’s also another side to the story.

Maverick was struggling big time to establish a proper foothold in the competitive wrestling world despite already being one of the most infamous/famous celebrities depending on who you asked. Former WWE manager Jim Cornette talked in detail about why wrestling audiences refused to accept him in the wrestling world. 

What did Jim Cornette say about Logan Paul? 

The former wrestling promoter Jim Cornette discussed Logan’s rocky ride in WWE in his podcast, Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru. The 62-year-old manager thinks wrestling fans barely accept anyone out of the wrestling world. Logan may have fame to his name but he did not build himself up through any of the existing promotions.

“The wrestling fans were not gonna make him a babyface because he’s a celebrity crossing over into wrestling. They resent that. Now that he’s embracing his heel self, he heeled and bragged and put himself over, and he’s glib.” said Jim. 

When Logan signed a deal with the biggest wrestling organization in the world, the YouTuber was very well aware of the fact that he needs to work his way through the process of becoming a likable wrestler. Paul challenged the Universal Champion Roman Reigns within a few months and put on a great show. 

“He’s got that heelish personality. That’s where I made note that he was doing a hell of a job with the promo and even making the ‘whats’ work for him. It wasn’t just throwing him all off.” Jim added.

However, it is up for debate whether Logan will play a villain in the future but for now, the 27-year-old American media personality has his eyes fixed on the biggest wrestling event of the year. 

The long-running animosity between Seth Rollins and Logan Paul, which has festered between the two for months, will be resolved in the upcoming WrestleMania at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood of California.

What do you think will happen to Logan Paul in the wrestling industry? Do you believe WWE fans will ever warmly accept him or do you believe he will eventually become a villain? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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