Fans beg developers for GK “Evolutions challenge” after EA FC 24 unveils Team of the Week

The latest EA FC 24 Team of the Week has been revealed, featuring 18 top performers from the last week in real-life football. Team of the Week (TOTW) is a recurring feature in EA’s Ultimate Team game mode, where players receive boosted cards based on real-life performances.

TOTW might be a recurring feature, but there is a new feature in EA’s latest game that is beloved among the community: “Evolutions.” One can complete certain objectives to “evolve” their players to give them huge boosts and make them an Ultimate Team club legend. There have been a plethora of “Evolutions” available throughout the course of the game for players playing in different positions, but surprisingly, there are no signs of a goalkeeper evolution yet.

FC 24 reveals Team of the Week 16

EA FC 24 recently revealed it’s first Team of the Week cards for 2024, containing the top performers from last week. Leading the list are former Liverpool teammates Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane for their amazing performances against Newcastle and Al-Ittihad, respectively. With the newest TOTW card, two different special versions of Mohammed Salah are available in the packs until Friday, the other being a 92-rated ST Winter Wildcards version. Both of these cards have Finesse Shot Playstyle+.

The list also contains the names of youngsters like City forward Phil Foden, his ex-teammate and now-rival Cole Palmer, and Kasper Schmeichel. The team is diverse, both in teams and positions. It contains in-form players from all positions, except for a high-rated goalkeeper.

Kasper Schmeichel is the only player to feature in this week’s TOTW, and he is not exactly the best goalkeeper for most teams due to his poor league and nation links for chemistry. This, along with EA’s reluctancy to introduce a GK Evolution has brought some backlash from certain fans, with them asking for a goalkeeper “Evolutions” challenge for better and new goalkeeper cards.

Fans plead EA Sports to include GK evolutions challenge

Goalkeepers are the position players have the least control over in an EA Sports FC match. Thus, in order to ensure an absolute victory over their competitor, players need to have goalkeepers who suit their style of play, are highly rated, and also fit into the chemistry of the team.

There are not many special goalkeepers available in the game right now. With a new GK Evolutions challenge, players might get the one thing their team and recent events lacked. The community didn’t hesitate to highlight this in EA’s recent X post about the latest TOTW.

A new GK “Evolutions” challenge would go a long way, meaning they care for their players and users by honoring their requests. It would also play a big role in taking the name EA Sports FC forward.

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