Friendship of Lionel Messi with Suarez has an impact on Leo’s future – Suarez’s agent

The future of Lionel Messi remains uncertain at FC Barcelona as the player wants to leave his childhood club.

As per current speculations, there have been so many reasons which prompted Messi to take the harsh decision.

One of the reasons is obviously the continuity of Josep Maria Bartomeu as the president of the Catalan club. The Argentine has a cold relationship with Bartomeu that has deteriorated further recently.

His meeting with the new coach Ronald Koeman also didn’t end up well.

But one of the most crucial reasons for his asking to leave is Koeman’s decision to rule out his close friend Luis Suarez from the plan.

Since the Uruguayan joined FC Barcelona in 2014, the players have been showing an amazing bond both off and on the field.

This duo with Neymar made an indomitable trio that ruled the football world in the 2014-15 season winning the treble for the club.

However, Neymar departed to join Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, but Suarez stayed with Messi to continue the legacy.

Their friendship is so close that they even go on holiday together with their families.

But the arrival of Ronald Koeman has made Suarez’s future in doubt. The Dutch coach is keen on a new squad with more young and energetic players. Since Suarez has crossed his peak, his presence in the team is not necessary to Koeman any more.

That decision made Leo Messi more furious as he thinks Suarez still can be an indispensable part of the club.

The 33-year-old suffered a knee injury that kept him out of the field for four months. Despite that, he netted 16 goals in the 2019-20 La Liga season with 8 assists.

Obviously, his prime time is over, and Koeman doesn’t want to take any risk by keeping him in the squad anymore.

Future of Lionel Messi lies in his friendship with Suarez

But Luis Suarez’s agent Alejandro Balbi thinks the future destination of Luis Suarez will have a great impact on Leo Messi’s decision.

He thinks in any further transfer process, both will be in touch to decide their future away from FC Barcelona.

“Messi’s future will have an influence on Suarez’s because they are best friends, they get along on and off the pitch,” Balbi told TyC Sports on Wednesday.

“There is a lot of brotherly love between Messi and Suarez, they are inseparable, always together.”

Luis Suarez scored 198 goals in all competitions for FC Barcelona, the third-highest goal scorer of the club’s history. While spending his six seasons at the club, Suarez has given them plenty of memorable moments with so many titles.

Which clubs want to sign Luis Suarez

As the Uruguayan would reportedly leave his club, several clubs have shown interest in him. PSG are one of them who have already contacted his agent to offer him a contract in the French club. Also, his former club Ajax enquired about his availability to bring him back, although the chance of Suarez joining Ajax is narrow because of his high wage.

It is inevitable as Luis Suarez has been one of the best strikers of the last decade with so many fruitful seasons. He is the only player who managed to win the European Golden Boot two times in the era of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

“The offers are raining down from all sides because he is a great goal-scorer in world football,” the agent added.

“There is a backdrop [to Barca’s decision] which is not wholly about sport. His family lives in Barcelona and this is not the typical case of most players who can up and leave. He will have to work it out with the family.”

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