Gamers brutally mock TYLOO Gaming’s new Valorant recruit hfmi0dzjc9z7: “Why is bros name a promo code?”

Tyloo Gaming is a Chinese eSports organisation that came into existence in 2023. The Valorant Champions Tour 2024 is all set to start in the next month, and with the advent of Chinese teams, a lot has changed.

Many of the teams have taken massive steps to up their roster for 2024, and Tyloo Gaming have successfully lured one of the most decorated players out there, hfmi0dzjc9z7.

hfmi0dzjc9z7 joins TYLOO Gaming

“hfmi0dzjc9z7,” real name Zhang Juncheng, is a Valorant eSports player from China. His total winnings currently stand at $3,141.07 and he has a current rating of 0.97 from a total of 4181 rounds played. hfmi0dzjc9z7 also has a first blood success rate of 45%, followed by a 22.9% headshot percentage.

In a strategic move to stay competitive in China’s tier-one gaming scene, Zhang “hfmi0dzjc9z7” Juncheng has joined TYLOO from Attacking Soul Esports.

Making a name for himself in various competitions, hfmi0dzjc9z7 showcased exceptional potential during the CN Evolution Series. TYLOO’s announcement emphasizes the 22-year-old’s debut on the global stage and expresses excitement for the new journey ahead.

Having been part of Attacking Soul Esports since August 2021, hfmi0dzjc9z7 contributed to the team’s international debut at VALORANT Masters Tokyo in June. TYLOO’s move to acquire hfmi0dzjc9z7 aligns with Attacking Soul Esports’ exclusion from the VCT CN League partnership program, announced in December, and their third-place finish in Ascension, which didn’t secure temporary qualification.

Notably, this marks the second player from ASE, following Qu “Life” Donghao, to transition to the VCT CN League, indicating a potential trend of ASE players joining other tier-one teams in the league.

TYLOO’s new roster is:

  • Sun “SLOWLY” Kelun (孙科伦)
  • Yi “ninebody” Ding (丁毅)
  • Zhang “LuoK1ng” Zhanpeng (张展鹏)
  • Cheng “ICEKING” Wanpeng (程万鹏)
  • Shi “AAK” Yekai (施叶凯)
  • An “sorrymybad” Ziwen (安梓文)
  • Zhang “hfmi0dzjc9z7” Juncheng (张峻程)
  • Zheng “Yiyee” Jiayi (郑佳毅) (Coach)

Fans mock hfmi0dzjc9z7 for unique IGN

With the new player, hfmi0dzjc9z7, being added to the new roster of the eSports team Tyloo for the VCT CN 2024, the player’s name has become a laughing stock for many fans.

Fans have come with statements on Twitter (X), writing, “Why is bros name a promo code?”. With this unique name of the player, which is not only difficult to pronounce but also extremely difficult to read, a lot of fans have delivered a fair share of mockery to the team and the player.

“let’s goooo hdmi cable”, wrote another twitter user fan.

There is a lot of scope for these upcoming Chinese teams to show their potential. Fans are awaiting the epic moment to arrive as soon as possible.


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