“He is an m**** f***** star”: Die-hard fan’s response on LA Knight promo comes as a surprise

LA Knight, also known as the former Million Dollar Champion and fan-favorite wrestler, recently threw a fiery promo on WWE SmackDown following a disappointing defeat against Xavier Woods from the New Day. The defeat came just weeks after Woods had previously defeated Knight in a match that lasted less than five minutes, leaving fans divided on the trajectory of Knight’s career in WWE.

Roman Reigns SZN 💥 (@reigns_era) expressed excitement over LA Knight’s promo, indicating that it was well-received.


Lord Yamcha: Lord of Legend! (@Outcastsince94) questioned LA Knight’s accomplishments in NXT and suggested that he has not been successful in recent matches

Marco (@JoesphBarcello1) commented on the perception that LA Knight is receiving a push but questioned whether it is actually happening

Fans are divided on the direction of Knight’s career on Twitter, with some expressing excitement over his promo, while others questioned his recent accomplishments in NXT and whether he is receiving a push.

Frustrations Boil Over: Die-hard Fans Surprised by LA Knight’s Promo on WWE SmackDown

As Knight vented his frustrations in a WWE Digital Exclusive after the match, claiming to be the “fastest-rising star in SmackDown today,” fans had mixed reactions. Some die-hard fans of Knight expressed surprise and disappointment, believing that the company is burying him despite his undeniable popularity with the crowd. One fan, on a wrestling forum, expressed shock at Knight’s defeat and praised his promo skills, by saying “He is an m**** f***** star!” Meanwhile, Knight said “Here I am, I get to walk the walk of shame, ain’t that right? Nahh, ahh! But here’s the deal, the draft’s coming up right around the corner. Am I going to be on RAW, am I going to be on SmackDown, am I going to be omnipresent anywhere I want to be? The bottom line is I am the fastest-rising star in SmackDown today.” 

However, not all fans were as supportive of Knight’s promo. Some fans questioned Knight’s previous efforts, pointing out that this is the second time Woods has pinned him with swift work inside the ring. 

The Uncertain Future of LA Knight: Fans Divided as Draft Looms in WWE

The upcoming draft adds another layer of uncertainty to Knight’s future in WWE, as fans speculate which brand he may end up on. One thing is for sure – LA Knight’s recent promo has left fans divided and sparked intense discussion among wrestling enthusiasts.

In the world of professional wrestling, where outcomes are scripted but fan reactions are very real, the future is always unpredictable. LA Knight’s recent promo after a tough loss has elicited a range of responses from die-hard fans, with some expressing unwavering support for his talents, while others raising concerns about his recent defeats. As the wrestling community eagerly awaits the upcoming draft, all eyes will be on LA Knight as he continues his journey in WWE, navigating the highs and lows of the unpredictable world of sports entertainment.

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