“Hopefully she safe”: Fans concerned for Ex-WWE champion Mercedes Mone following her heartfelt plea on Twitter

Mercedes Moné is a skilled and charismatic professional wrestler who has made waves in the industry with her impressive in-ring abilities and commanding microphone presence.

She first gained recognition after making her debut for New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) at the Lion’s Break Crown event in November 2020, where she competed in a tag team match. Following this, she has become a regular performer for NJPW and has been a part of several NJPW Strong shows.

Mercedes Moné’s partnership with NJPW has been an essential component of her professional growth. Providing her with a broader audience and the ability to enhance her abilities in the ring. She has developed a reputation as one of the most promising up-and-coming talents in the business due to her swift ascent.

Her remarkable success in NJPW has enabled her to participate against some of the most respected names in the industry. This includes Rocky Romero, Tom Lawlor, and Jeff Cobb, where she has displayed her versatility and adaptability in different styles and match types.


Mercedes Moné’ Tweet’s to Fans, Raises Concerns About Privacy and Safety

Moné sparked concern among her followers after she posted a tweet asking for privacy during her stay in Japan. While acknowledging her Japanese fans’ excitement, Moné politely requested that they refrain from following or waiting for her at her place of residence.

She reassured her followers that there would be a suitable opportunity for a meet and greet and asked them to respect her personal space and privacy.

Several fans showed their backing for Moné’s request, with a few stating that they were disheartened by the fact that some fans had previously breached the boundaries.

Wishing the star to remain safe a fan commented, “Hopefully she safe!”

While others with a similar tone wrote, “Stay safe Mercedes we love you!”

Nonetheless, some expressed their disappointment over the prospect of not getting the chance to meet Moné while she was in Japan.

The incident emphasizes the need to respect the privacy of public figures such as wrestlers. While fans may be eager to meet their idols, it is essential to acknowledge their right to privacy and space.

Wrestlers often have hectic schedules and may not be available for public events, so fans should understand and respect their boundaries.

Moné’s tweet reminds fans to respect the boundaries and privacy of public figures while acknowledging their enthusiasm.

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