“I will hunt him down” Tyson Fury issues stern warning to Oleksandr Usyk ahead of 2023 bout

It is almost certain that Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will finally square off in the ring to settle the undisputed debate. Nothing has been officially confirmed, but the fight is expected to take place in the first quarter of next year, possibly in Saudi Arabia. As the world’s top two heavyweights have expressed verbal agreement on the fight, Fury has already warned Osyk to be prepared to be hunted down.

There had been much speculation about Tyson Fury’s next fight after he brutally defeated Derek Chisora in a one-sided battle at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium just over a month ago. Since then, fans have begun to expect something bigger and more thrilling from Fury. A week later, his co-promoter Frank Warren teased his next fight, stating that he believes Fury and Osyk is next.

Fury while punching Chisora in their most recent battle

Frank Warren, Fury’s co-promoter, recently shared some details about this highly anticipated fight, which is already causing madness among fans.

“The date will probably be in early March. We’re still negotiating, but until you got the fight, you’ve got nothing.” Frank said.

“At the moment, nothing has been agreed with in Saudi. So we’ve got a ways to go yet. The site will be agreed really quickly because we want to go in March. It’s got to go on sale soon wherever it’s going to take place. The site will have to be sorted out very quickly.  We’re not going to mess around. It’s going to be about where the boys can make the most amount of money,” Frank adeed.

The Gipsey King recently spoke with Telegram about fighting Osyk and how much he is looking forward to the fight. Now that he has successfully defended his WBC heavyweight title, Fury wants to win the rest of the titles too. Fury, 34, stated in the interview that he is ready to destroy Usyk.

“I don’t think he’s big enough and strong enough to stand up to the punches… It’s a challenge, but he’ll be running away like a little b**ch all night. I will hunt him down, and when I get hold of him, he’ll be crushed,” said Tyson

Frank has already referred to this contest between the WBC heavyweight champion and the heavyweight champions of the WBA, IBF, and WBO as the Boxing World Cup. But it is clear that the big fight won’t happen until March. A thrilling fight for boxing fans is probably just around the corner if everything goes according to plan and they come to an agreement.


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