“I’m at peace…”: Boxings fans react to Rayn Garcias’s fearless words before facing off against Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia will face the most difficult challenge of his career in less than three weeks. Garcia almost turned his fans against him at this pivotal moment by making a ridiculous comment.

Ryan Garcia-Gervonta David’s highly anticipated boxing bout will finally take place on April 22 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, after much back-and-forth and near cancellations.

What did Ryan Garcia have to say about his battle with Gervonta Davis?

Fans expect furious statements from their favorite fighter in the last days before a fight. Fans of King Ry would also like to hear some more rivalry-inspiring remarks from the undefeated fighter. Nevertheless, Ryan appears to have disappointed everyone by making a statement that suggests the former WBC interim lightweight title holder is reluctant ahead of his hardest bout to date.

Ryan was featured in the most recent edition of the Showtime Boxing All Access series. The 24-year-old boxer discussed several facets of his professional career. While talking about his next fight against Tank, Ryan said, “I’m at peace with leaving everything out there for the world to see.”

How did boxing fans react to Ryan Garcia’s statement?

A user expressed his annoyance at Ryan as in contrast to Tank he isn’t taking the fight seriously. “This is why Ryan is gonna lose cause Tank isn’t sleeping and is motivated. This Tank won’t lose to any around his weight division. Floyd was the same way it was all up to him losing no one else. Ryan in trouble.” 

“I don’t see Garcia being reckless or over aggressive. I think he sticks to his game plan, boxes and wins round and makes tank have to come to him and potentially find that left hook on tank in the later rounds,” said Gabe Lazcano.

“Ryan Garcia this dedicated talented freak of a nature speedster will absolutely take Tank’s head clean off inside 4.” said another user. 

Mlalazi kaNoxhaka, however, sees no chance for Ryan in the fight as he said, “Ryan’s defence is shit; once Tank lands then it’s game over.” 

Another user expressed that Garcia is the ultimate favorite in the bout saying, “Stylistically this a bad matchup for tank, a long range counter fighter with quick Powerful punches. Tank is gonna have to be on his Best to come out on top.”

Do you think Ryan Garcia is taking the fight a little too lightly? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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