Insider reveals potential landing spot for Mason Greenwood following Manchester United ousting

Last year in January Mason Greenwood became a part of a controversy when his girlfriend Harriet Robson accused the player of sexual assault and physical violence. The latter posted photos of her bruised face on her Instagram stories accusing Greenwood of assaulting her. The news spread like wildfire and soon Mason Greenwood was suspended from Manchester United’s squad. Since then we have not seen the player on the field even though the charges against him have dropped.

Manchester United is already going through a rough patch with many players suffering from injuries and others getting into controversies. Even after the charges against Greenwood are dropped the fans and staff are still not okay with him being a part of the club and getting back in the field. The player is not looking for a transfer to another club as he wants to get back in the game.

Insider links Mason Greenwood with Lazio

All of the clubs in Europe have their doubts about signing the player. After his image was shattered every club is worried that signing Mason may get them to face backlash and hate from the fans. Mason Greenwood does not have a lot of options since signing a player like him can cause any club to lose a major amount of fans all across the world. Despite all this Lazio might yet be interested in him.

Mason Greenwood

A Twitter post by Fabrizio Romano claims that the transfer of Mason from United to Lazio can happen if coach Maurizio Sarri gives the green light. This can prove to be beneficial for the player as he will get a chance to revive his career away from the Premier League. The details of the transfers are still unclear but a move away from Europe can help him a lot.

Greenwood’s United career halted following public backlash

Charges against Greenwood were dropped long ago we still don’t see him on the field. Club’s manager Erik Ten Hag wanted Greenwood back in his squad but backlash from fans and staff made the club change its decision. Threats were made by the managerial staff to quit if he returned to the team.

Mason Greenwood

Manchester United’s women’s team was also against keeping Mason Greenwood in the team and all of this prevented the club from using him in their matches. Though the player was suspended at full pay he still wanted to get back in the field. Mason is ready to continue his career and he would be more than happy to pursue other options if he can not do that at Manchester United. We are yet to see if the player transfers to Lazio or if some other club jumps at the opportunity to steal him.



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