Jake Paul raises eyebrows by smoking cigarette while training for his highly anticipated Nate Diaz fight on August 5th

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz are set to finally meet in an anticipated 10-round boxing match, scheduled for August 5 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, responsible for overseeing the fight, has confirmed its approval of the 10-round format following an initial announcement from Paul on Twitter.

Paul is approaching the showdown with Diaz with a great deal of seriousness. However, he appears to be so confident in his victory that he’s maintaining a relaxed attitude.

Jake Paul smokes cigarette during Nate Diaz fight training

In a recent social media post, Paul can be seen training in a gym, casually smoking a cigarette while striking the punching pear. Alongside the footage, the YouTuber wrote: 

“Getting my lungs ready for 10 rounds,” Paul said. “August 5th. #PaulDiaz.”

Initially, there was some debate between the fighters regarding the number of rounds for the upcoming bout as it was initially planned for 8 rounds at a weight of 185 pounds.

However, Jake later revealed that Nate and his team had requested an extension to 10 rounds, a change that Paul willingly accepted.

Subsequently, the commission responsible for supervising the fight received and approved the request. As a result, the highly anticipated match between Paul and Diaz is now officially scheduled for a 10-round duration.

Boxing community predicts Jake Paul to win over Nate Diaz

Despite recently suffering his first loss in a split-decision defeat to Tommy Fury in February, the odds heavily favor the 26-year-old Jake, also known as “The Problem Child.”

As the event draws closer, one can’t help but speculate if he will become an even more significant favorite according to oddsmakers. Nate undoubtedly possesses a considerable advantage in terms of combat sports experience.

However, previous fighters such as Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva, had notable backgrounds in mixed martial arts. They were unable to overcome Paul’s skills inside the boxing ring. Despite being relatively new to the sport, Jake has demonstrated his talent as a boxer.

It remains a possibility that Diaz and his team may discover a strategy from studying Fury’s approach that could potentially lead to an unexpected victory. However, considering past events, betting on Diaz might not be a wise decision, as history has shown Paul’s dominance in these matchups.

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