Jake Paul’s agreement to fight Tommy Fury in February ignites uproar

The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has been talked about for years but has yet to take place due to a few technical issues. However, recently, these two young boxing prospects showed positive signs that the anticipated bout might finally take place. Up until now, Jake has publicly stated that he has agreed to fight Tommy in the United Kingdom in February.

The problem child is still an unbeaten boxer in the ring, who has played six matches in total and won six of them, including four KOs. He’s come a long way since his debut fight and currently dominating the boxing ring. The latest bout against Anderson Silva is an excellent example of this, while he successfully defeated the UFC middleweight champion.

However, there are numerous arguments have surfaced in the media where many professional athletes have accused Jake of fighting older opponents. But the Youtuber-turned-boxer is not concerned about what others think. He is very optimistic about his career and hopes to fight against more professional boxers in order to take his skills even further. Paul had already expressed his desire to fight Fury. Despite the fact that the fight was supposed to take place last year. Nevertheless, due to technical difficulties, the fight was repeatedly postponed. After all of that, the eagerly anticipated match can finally begin.

On that notion, the British professional boxer’s father, John Fury, later stated, “I walked him down, backed him into a corner, and checkmated him; he’s agreed to a February bout. He shook my hand and gave me his word of honor. So it’s happening in February. He’s given me his word, his manager, we fight in February.”

Many potential fights can take place for the young boxer. Likewise, a fight with Nate Diaz can happen due to the previous altercation between Team Paul and Team Diaz. Another fight could take place with Floyd Mayweather as a recent announcement is floating in the media.


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