Jon Moxley unleashes ruthless reaction to CM Punk’s WWE Return

At Survivor Series: WarGames last Saturday, the wrestling world saw the unbelievable: CM Punk’s surprising comeback to WWE. Punk returned to WWE Raw a few days after a nearly decade-long absence. Despite everyone’s expectations, Punk’s direct promotion caused fans to have mixed feelings and even drew the interest of Jon Moxley, his old AEW opponent.

Having previously feuded in WWE and AEW, Moxley and Punk last met at All Out 2022. The bout took place just before Punk’s historic wrestling news conference appearance, which made headlines at the time. When questioned about Punk’s reappearance in WWE, AEW star Moxley had an intriguing answer, adding another element to the brewing intrigue.

Jon Moxley slams WWE return of CM Punk

After going by the name Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley and CM Punk have worked together in the ring before, in both AEW and WWE. While they both had negative things to say about WWE, they did strive to win the world championship in All Elite Wrestling.

CM Punk
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Still, CM Punk has made a triumphant return to WWE, describing it as his “home” after an absence of over a decade. Moxley was cryptic in an interview with Comicbook’s Liam Crowley, saying, “You don’t want to know what I think. I didn’t see it. You do not want to know what I think (laughs).” So, many are asking why Jon Moxley didn’t see CM Punk’s return as historic.

Many were wondering whether Punk was making a sly dig at The Young Bucks during his Raw debut. With the event coming to a close, Punk’s joyful move brought to mind The Bucks’ now-infamous victory lap during AEW Collision tapings—the day Punk departed the company—and added an interesting new dimension to the developing plot.

Punk-Moxley feud

Moxley denied the allegations leveled against him, but the rivalry between him and CM Punk in 2022 was characterized by controversy due to tales of bad blood and the idea that Moxley refused to lose to Punk. Punk loves the anarchy in the wrestling industry, but Moxley called out the “bullsh*t drama” that surrounds AEW.

In his discussion with Comicbook, Moxley also addressed his standing as a reliable AEW ally. This faith in him was already clear before AEW All Out 2022 when Punk and other stars were suspended or injured, and Moxley, who intended to take a break became the face of the organization.

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He said, “I feel like I thrive in those situations. Scramble to the f–king jets and get Moxley in the air. Oh f–k, we don’t have a main event. You’ve got to make people care about this and make this a main event in a week. I just pull main events out of my a– when I’m in those situations.”

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