Just days after returning to WWE, Jimmy Uso set to face AJ Styles on WWE SmackDown

Jimmy Uso made his return to the blue brand for the first time since explaining his actions at SummerSlam where he stopped Jey Uso from winning the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. Since battling for the World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins, AJ Styles with the OC has been directionless lurking around the mid-card.

However, an altercation happened last week during a backstage segment between AJ Styles, Jimmy, and Solo Sikoa which has led to a rise in tensions between The OC and The Bloodline and it seems that both the stables might be feuding in the next few weeks.

Jimmy Uso and AJ Styles feud explained

Jimmy Uso returned to SmackDown last week interrupting John Cena in a segment where he gave an explanation of why he did what he did at SummerSlam. The segment ended up with him laying on the mat after receiving an Attitude Adjustment but he didn’t look out of place going face to face with the GOAT proving that he can thrive without his brother too.

After getting beat up, Jimmy Uso stormed around backstage and interrupted Adam Pearce when he was having a conversation with Mia Yim which was disrespectful to both people. Following that Mia Yim talked to the OC about this incident where the Good Brothers didn’t want to be involved with The Bloodline but AJ Styles was pissed off about the situation and said he’ll handle it.

As he confronted Jimmy, things got out of hand and AJ shoved him to the floor but only before getting attacked by Solo Sikoa from the back. Following this, Solo makes it clear to Jimmy that he’ll be out of The Bloodline when they say he’ll be out but Jimmy walks out with defiance. This sequence of events resulted in Solo Sikoa facing AJ Styles where Jimmy Uso interfered costing AJ the match and threw up the ones, teasing a return to The Bloodline after initially refusing. With Jimmy and AJ set to face each other this Friday, one can hope that this leads to another Roman Reigns Vs. AJ Styles match down the line as their chemistry in the ring is astonishing.

Why did Jey Uso leave WWE?

On the SmackDown after SummerSlam, Jimmy explained his actions to Jey with The Bloodline present and said he didn’t want him to turn into Roman after winning the belt. According to Jimmy, he did what he did because he loved him and was protecting him. As we all know, that didn’t go down well with Jey and he delivered a superkick to Jimmy, Roman, and Solo and quit WWE. On Payback, during the Grayson Waller effect, Cody Rhodes announced that Jey Uso is going to be joining Monday Night Raw and someone is going to be traded to SmackDown in place of him.

Now it’s heavily rumored that this is all a build-up to the eventual match between Jey and Jimmy Uso at WrestleMania and since there’s a lot of time to go till then, both are being kept on different brands and the story has seemingly hit the breaks. But with Jey having made a lot of enemies being a part of The Bloodline over the last 3 years, it’s going to be interesting to see how it all unfolds in the upcoming weeks.

Jimmy Uso

With Main Event Jey Uso now on the red brand and being as over as ever, it’s going to be interesting to see who he feuds with, and with Jimmy feuding with AJ on SmackDown, it seems like both the brothers are going their own way but only for now.

Do you think Jey Uso Vs. Jimmy Uso will happen on the grandest stage of them all? Leave your opinions in the comments below.





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