“Let it go mr Hayman”: Wrestling fans cants stop laughing at “The Wise Man” getting Hilarious Christmas haircut

Paul Heyman, is one of the most influential figures in the WWE universe. Heyman currently works as the Special Counsel or as a guide to Roman Reigns on Friday Night SmackDown. The Big Dog, has made himself the King by becoming the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, with the help of Paul Heyman.

As the holiday approaches, “The Wise Man” is all set for Christmas, he gets a new haircut, and fans get a great laugh out of his hairstyle after it was posted on social media.

Paul Heyman’s hilarious Christmas haircut puts WWE fans in stitches

Paul Heyman has been a part of the wrestling industry since the 90’s and his experience has helped a lot of famous WWE superstars, including Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and current WWE champion Roman Reigns. Heyman has made every superstar surpass theirs limits whenever they joined forces with him.

Paul’s sense of humor is more hilarious than his persona as “The Wise Man”. The legendary figure recently shared a video on social media in which he can be seen getting a new haircut.

In the video it can be seen that Heyman who faces the camera is getting his upper layer of head clipped by the hair cutting machine and the funny part is that it is already bald and needs no cut whatsoever. WWE fans took the clip and shared their own response on Heyman’s haircut.

One Fan commented ‘Let it go mr hayman’ implying that the haircut is not needed and he should just let it go. Another commented that the new cut is like ‘toliet bowl cut’ and some added that this type of cut should be used by every bald man, as it is wild and increases the manly charm.

Paul Heyman puts AJ Style in the naughty list after WWE SmackDown

Paul Heyman shared a message to AJ Styles, after his last appearance on Friday Night SmackDown. As superstars like Randy Orton, LA Knight and Styles have a feud and are targeting the Bloodline, ‘The Wise Man’ took a jab at AJ after his match with the The Bloodline’s Enforcer, Solo Sikoa.

The match was interrupted midway through by the ‘Head of the Table’ Roman Reigns, who went on to attack Styles. Heyman posted a story on Instagram, joking about the fact that Styles had earned a spot on Solo Sikoa’s Christmas “naughty list”. The post read, “Solo checked his list (and he checked it twice) … and AJ Styles has been a naughty boy!”

Source: Instagram

Paul Heyman joined hands with Roman Reigns in 2020. The Uso’s, cousins to The Big Dog, joined the group after a while, and created the faction of The Bloodline. The faction has been WWE’s most loved and hated group since their creation for about three years.

WWE fans love Paul Heyman, his ringside presence and his fabulous mike skills, as they are some of his greatest aspects that define him. Roman Reigns will get to face his next big opponent in Royal Rumble 2024 and there is no doubt that “The wise Man” will be by his side.


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