The Reason why Paul Pogba became pain in the veins of club football

Paul Pogba is one of the most talented midfielders of modern day football and his talent earned him successes at clubs like Juventus, Manchester United and also at international stage for France National Team.  

The French World Cup winner and former Manchester United midfielder Pogba is now a free agent who spent a disastrous last season for the Red Devils as he openly expressed his frustrations against his former teammates and club management. 

What happened to Paul Pogba?

Since returning from Juventus, Paul Pogba could not get himself accustomed with the Manchester United environment and thus his performances were decreasing gradually. Despite winning the UEFA Europa League under Jose Mourinho, he struggled to find the form that he used to enjoy during his Juventus days. 

According to many football pundits, Pogba failed to meet the expectations of the supporters on the pitch and also put himself on an awkward position after having brawls with some of his squad members in the dressing room.

How others are reacting on Pogba Issues?

Amazon recently broadcasted a documentary, The Pogmentary, which was created exclusively on Pogba’s stories where his thoughts on Manchester United and France was shared. 

Former Liverpool striker Dean Saunders recently mocked United and calls them ‘an Instagram team’ and said, “Man United are the only club that can give a player away for free twice and pay £90million for him.”

When Saunders was asked whether he would watch Pogba’s documentary or not, he replied, “I’m purposely not going to watch that documentary because Man United are like an Instagram team – football comes second. When someone’s not earning their wages and then does a documentary, it just sums it up.” 

Which club is Pogba’s next destination?

After leaving United as a free agent this summer, Pogba is reportedly nearing to be a Juventus player again as rumors are spreading that he might have agreed the personal terms with his former club.   


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