Throwback to when Mike Tyson ended up in the ring with six bodyguards

Mike Tyson is a celebrated man across various forms of combat sports. Despite being a legendary boxer, Tyson also has experience with professional wrestling, particularly WWE and AEW. Although he hasn’t been a week-in-week-out performer for these promotions, he shows up every now and then. Needless to say that his cameo appearances have helped to generate a lot more viewers for these promotions.

Chris Jericho is a household name in the professional wrestling industry. A former champion in the WWE, Jericho now plies his trade in All Elite Wrestling or AEW. Mike Tyson and Jericho have had a”feud” going back to WWE, and in 2020 Tyson made an appearance in AEW to continue that feud. Although professional wrestling narratives are scripted, Tyson and his entourage really surprised Jericho.

“In that May 2020 altercation, he came to the ring with like, six guys. I had no idea. We did not rehearse six guys, I didn’t even know who these six guys were! There was one idiot guy, he was called The Gooch or something and he had make-up on his face. I was like ‘Who the f*** is this guy?!’ He was in my face and when the melee started I punched him right in the face. I knocked him right down.”

Although Jericho was scared because he hit someone who was close to the “Baddest Man on the Planet“, he got Tyson’s approval when they met after the party

Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho

“‘You hit the Gooch right in the face! You knocked him right down!’ I was like ‘You saw it? I was hoping you didn’t see it.’ He said ‘I saw it! I loved it, it was great, it was great!’

Jericho may have been nervous about hitting Tyson’s friend, but Iron Mike laughing about it is about the best result Jericho could have hoped for.

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