The Rock cautions fans from “pain” by sharing “important” message with his followers

Dwayne Johnson The Rock is a proud father of three daughters in his personal life. Talking about his achievement in WWE, The Hollywood Star is a multiple-time world champion in WWE. He also main-evented Wrestlemania on multiple occasions.

The Rock’s daughter has also currently part of the NXT Brand. Simone Johnson is the eldest daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Her in-ring name is “Ava Raine,” and currently she is playing a villainous character on the developmental brand.

The Rock opens up about his father

On the recent occasion of Father’s Day, The People champion used his Twitter account to share his mixed reaction to the day. The message from the Hollywood Star starts with wishing every father Father’s Day. He also talked about the importance of an old man in a family. Dwayne also pointed out how sometimes a relationship between a father and son didn’t work well, but there is nothing to worry about it as The Rock has also done the same mistakes in the past.

He finally said that if there is any old man around you, call him and try to reinstall the situation as it was back in its original position.

Overall, The Hollywood stars stated the importance of a Father or an old man in a family, and what importance they actually bring in your life. The Rock had mixed feelings because on one side he is proud to be a father of 3 daughters, but on the other, he is also a son of someone and missed his old man or father on that day.

Advices fans to reconcile

As mentioned above, Dwayne Johnson has also advised the fans to reconcile with the old man or their Father if the current situation is didn’t going well. The Rock also discussed his mistakes in the past regarding his relationship with his father.

It is nice to see how famous stars like The Rock also know the valuable importance of their father and how fathers act as their support system even being already that much-established person. This message from the multi-time world Champion will also hit those who have some ongoing problems with their father as The Rock hopes that they will fix everything soon.

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For those of are unaware of the fact that, The Father of the Hollywood star is also a WWE superstar & Hall of Famer. They have already a well-established carrier as well as this helps the Rock too in the field of wrestling.


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