Tommy Fury to fight influencers like KSI, Salt Papi next before moving to professional boxers claims John Fury

John Fury has mapped out Tommy Fury’s future after Tommy’s spectacular win against Jake Paul in their highly anticipated grudge match.

Tommy has extended his unblemished professional boxing career win streak with his victory over The Problem Child. This is the ninth victory for TNT, and four of those victories have come through knockout.

What is next for Tommy Fury? 

John in an interview that was conducted by Express Sport and distributed by Free Bets, discussed the upcoming endeavors that he has in store for Tommy. Fury senior, who is also TNT’s father and trainer, has stated that they will pursue any YouTuber or influencer if there is financial incentive to do so.

“I think at this moment in time conventional boxing will have to go on the backburner because boxing is a business. You have to go where the money is. Whoever is a big name, who brings stuff to the table we’re interested in.” said John. 

Fury Sr. shared his ideas regarding his son Tommy’s career as a professional boxer, during which he may fight against more content creators and internet influencers. Fury Sr. is of the opinion that this influencer boxing trend will continue to grow over time and become a source of entertainment. As a result of this, John is eager to finalize a deal for Tommy with either KSI or Salt Papi in the near future.

“Yep, we’re interested in KSI. He can have it next if he wants. We’re interested in the Salt Papi’s of the world. Everybody with a name who thinks they can have a go, can have a go. Even with conventional boxing. If they want to pay the same sort of money as these guys are paying. We’ll do the conventional boxing as well.” John added.

Which of these three opponents do you think Tommy should fight next: KSI, Salt Papi, or a rematch with Jake Paul?

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