Tyson Fury claps back at Francis Ngannou’s challenge with brutal message: “I’ll KO you, you big stiff tramp”

In a video posted on Twitter yesterday, Francis Ngannou challenged Tyson Fury to a boxing match. Fury was quick to respond harshly to Ngannou, threatening to knock out the former UFC heavyweight champion. 

The Cameroonian-French fighter has stated his intention to test his limit in boxing as well. Earlier, when Francis was a free agent, he considered a few fighters as potential opponents, and his list of likely rivals includes names like Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua. But Fury has always been his main priority. 

Tyson Fury’s brutal message to Ngannou

Fury previously multiple times announced his desire to face Ngannou in response to the MMA heavyweight’s challenge. However, no solid discussions about their fight took place.

The Gypsy King viciously threatened to defeat The Predator once again yesterday by saying, “I’ll have 15 pints and KO you, you big stiff tramp.”

The Predator, however isn’t showing any fear to face the WBC world heavyweight champion. To kickstart his boxing career, Francis knows Fury is the option he should need to consider. Francis also replied to Fury in one of his most recent tweets. 

“Stop talking, Tyson, and come try. I’m already doing you a favour using your gloves and your rules because [of] your limited skill set.” Ngannou said. 

Francis Ngannou’s challenge to Fury

A day before yesterday, it was the Ngannou who uploaded a video of his boxing training which sparked the verbal battle between the two heavyweights.

In the combat sports community there’s already a growing interest for a potential Fury – Ngannou boxing bout. 

Even though it was an unrealistic option when Francis was under the UFC contract, now it is quite possible for him to fight the British boxing legend.

Apart from taking part in mixed martial arts, Ngannou’s PFL deal will allow him to get into the ring this year as per the contract. 

Do you think Francis Ngannou will eventually lock a deal with Tyson Fury? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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