Watch: Drunk Tyson Fury Kicks Vehicle after Cabbie Turns Him Down for a Ride

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has kicked a taxi cab in France after the cabbie refused to take him due to being drunk and unruly. Tyson had been on a trip to France with his friends and family on vacation when the incident occurred.

Tyson Fury recently defeated heavyweight rival Dillian Whyte in an all British showdown. The popular fighter has potentially fought his last fight inside the boxing ring! Tyson’s retirement vacation is an expensive trip to France with all his loved ones. But it seems that the champ is enjoying himself a bit too much!

Here is the snippet from the incident:

Tyson Fury has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. He almost ruined his boxing career after winning the undisputed title from Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015. The Gypsy King’s career was on “the brink of death” according to him. He thanked his promoter Frank Warren for reviving his career.  

An air of mystery still surrounds Tyson Fury’s retirement. He has hinted at not boxing anymore but also talked about a “hybrid” fight against Francis Ngannou the UFC heavyweight champion.

Tyson and his entourage were seen trying to hail the cab. Tyson even pulled on the handle of the car door, but the driver did not let him or his friends in. This prompted Tyson to try and attack the taxi cab. 

Tyson Fury kicked the bumper of the car and then his cohorts joined in! Fury’s father John Fury was among the crowd. John is also known for being a violent and short-tempered man with prior charges of assault to his name.

The world is hoping that Tyson Fury is not back to his drug-abusing self!


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