WATCH: The Usos pin Roman Reigns to end bloodline civil war at WWE MITB

In a jaw-dropping turn of events at WWE Money in the Bank (MITB), The Usos shocked the world by pinning Roman Reigns, effectively bringing an end to the epic bloodline civil war. The intense rivalry between the Usos and their cousin, the formidable Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, had been brewing for months, tearing apart their family bond.

However, in a dramatic twist, the Usos put their differences aside to secure a stunning victory over Reigns, proving that blood truly runs deep. The WWE Universe watched in awe as the three warriors showcased their incredible athleticism and storytelling prowess, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what’s next in this compelling saga.

Roman Reigns vs The Usos feud

From the viewpoint of the WWE Universe, The Bloodline’s formation in July 2021 was a momentous occasion. Roman Reigns and Jey Uso’s bitter rivalry had captivated fans, and their alliance marked a powerful union within the wrestling world.

With the addition of Paul Heyman as their advocate, The Bloodline exuded dominance and commanded attention. The Usos’ victory at Money in the Bank 2021, securing the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, further solidified their position alongside Reigns as the holder of the WWE Universal Championship.

As the stable expanded to include Sami Zayn and Solo Sikoa, fans experienced a mix of excitement and apprehension. Zayn’s association initially raised doubts, but Reigns bestowed upon him the honorary title of “Honorary Uce,” indicating his acceptance. Solo Sikoa’s allegiance to the Tribal Chief intensified the stable’s power. However, the betrayal of Zayn at Royal Rumble 2023 shocked the WWE Universe and marked the beginning of The Bloodline’s downfall.

The subsequent tensions and conflicts within the stable, highlighted by The Usos’ loss of the Undisputed Tag Team Titles and the growing friction between Reigns and his cousins, left fans on the edge of their seats. The ultimate clash at Money in the Bank 2023 between Reigns and Sikoa against The Usos promised an intense and emotional encounter, with the fate of The Bloodline hanging in the balance. The WWE Universe eagerly anticipated the outcome, eager to witness the impact of this confrontation on the family’s legacy and the future of the Anoa’i dynasty.

When was the last time Reigns lost a match?

Roman Reigns thought his loss at the WWE TLC pay-per-view in 2019 was a significant setback and a hard pill to swallow. Reigns felt certain of his abilities and believed he would defeat Baron Corbin in their Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) contest. Dolph Ziggler’s interruption caught him by surprise, delaying his plans and allowing Corbin to seize the initiative and clinch the victory with an End of Days.

 Reigns’ concerns over the COVID-19 epidemic led him to decide to take a vacation from WWE television after this defeat. During this vacation, he was able to spend much-needed time with his family, pay attention to his health, and get both physical and mental rest.
Throughout his hiatus, Reigns’ dominance in individual encounters persisted unabatedly as he stretched his winning streak to more than three years and solidified his position as one of the top wrestlers in the WWE.

But when Reigns returned to the ring on July 1, 2023, in London, England, he was shocked by yet another defeat. In the much anticipated Bloodline Civil War tag team match, Reigns and Solo Sikoa faced off against The Usos, however, they fell short as Jey Uso won by pinning Reigns. Reigns had not been pinned in three and a half years, thus his defeat was notable because it shocked both him and his fans.


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