What made Marcus Rashford open a free-meal initiative for poor children?

Talented England forward Marcus Rashford, 24, came to the foreground after his impressive campaign a few years ago, and he was considered one of the best forwards in Europe from an early age.

The Manchester United star, who has grown into one of the best players of his generation, is setting an excellent example both on and off the field because he also suffered a lot during his childhood.

Why Rashford actively involves in providing meals for the distressed children?

On the soccer field, the England international is renowned for his goals and assists, but off it, the 24-year-old wants to eradicate child hunger in the UK because his personal experiences have given him sympathy towards indigent children.

Rashford had struggled a lot since his childhood, and he was the youngest of five children who were raised by their single mother Melani Maynard on the suburb of Manchester since their father left them.

As Ms. Melani was the only bread-earner in Rashford’s family, she had to work harder to feed his young children and often remained starved so that the five siblings could eat properly.

These hardships raised a great awareness inside Marcus Rashford, who eventually took major steps for the betterment of the poor children in society.

Marcus Rashford

How Rashford is working for the poor and distressed children?

As of today, Marcus Rashford has been recognized as the highest contributor on the Sunday Times Giving List after donating £20 million to the charity which fights hunger, poverty, and disadvantaged communities across the United Kingdom.

Another surprising fact is that Rashford has contributed more money than he personally owns and it was made possible because of his engagement with FareShare

Through a charity campaign, over 1.4 million people have benefited from Rashford’s initiative, and the Manchester United star has worked diligently to ensure that hungry youngsters in the UK are nourished over the course of time.

Numerous neighborhood establishments in Wigan, Brighton, Middlesbrough, Hackney, Hull, Falmouth, Liverpool, and Lincoln offered disadvantaged schoolchildren free meals throughout the break as part of Rashford’s social campaign.

Rashford & Boris Johnson

The England international was also successful in persuading Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s administration to continue offering free lunches to students over the summer.


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