What’s next for Jake Paul after his first-round knockout victory against Andre August?

Jake Paul made his ring comeback against Andre August, who had recently won by unanimous decision earlier in the year. August’s victory marked the end of a four-year break and qualified him for a fight against Paul.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer had a moment of glory cut short in the main event of a DAZN headliner, following a brief celebration. With a spectacular first-round knockout, he put August down with an impressive uppercut, inspiring Paul to wave triumphantly and demonstrating his supremacy in the ring.

What’s next for Jake Paul?

The bout between Andre August and Jake Paul was happening simultaneously with IShowSpeed vs. KSI. In an attempt to mock his longtime rival, KSI scheduled a charitable sparring match with the young influencer. Paul’s victory elicited a brief response from the British boxer in a recent interview with Fred Talks Fighting, where he dismissed August as a ‘cab driver’.

KSI said, “Am I shocked? No. We all know Jake just looks for super easy fights and he fought a cab driver this time so yeah. It is what it is. I don’t care about him, I didn’t even know he was fighting. I didn’t even know he was fighting at the same time as me.”

‘The Nightmare’ and ‘The Problem Child’ have been discussing a fight for the past few years. Unfortunately, weight problems have proven to be a roadblock in attempts to fight in 2023. Paul set the scales at 200 pounds on Friday night. In the meantime, KSI weighed in at 181 pounds for his most recent matchup with Tommy Fury.

Maybe after years of fruitless negotiations, Paul may come to terms. Earlier, Jake Paul made fun of KSI and IShowSpeed’s sparring match during a press conference. Instead of taking on the influencer, he expressed interest in going up against Viddal Riley (10-0), the opponent’s former coach.

Will there be a rematch between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul?

Tommy Fury believes that there are still two crucial rematches to come. One involves Jake Paul, while the other involves KSI. However, John Fury, his father and a prominent figure in his camp, has come forward to reveal to the world who among the two fighters would face his son again and why, and the reasons for this are still entwined in what father Fury refers to as “bad blood.”

John is angry with KSI for a few reasons. During their pre-fight open workout in the days before their fight in Manchester, JJ was observed spitting at the senior member of Fury family after the latter threw a bottle at him.

Hence, he would not object to a rematch with Jake Paul, though. “It won’t be a problem if Jake Paul wants to box Tommy next,” John stated. Following his first defeat, ” The Problem Child” had expressed interest in facing Fury again.

However, Jake is now focusing on fights that could earn him a title. Paul, who defeated Andre August by first-round knockout on December 15, expressed his desire to win a title fight at the press conference held after the fight.

Influencer boxing had reached unprecedented heights this year. The league was ruled by Jake Paul. Now that 2024 is almost here, the majority of them are moving away from this league and toward professional boxing in search of greater challenges and recognition. The rematch between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is central to this development.


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