“Wtf is going on with his toes” Conor McGregor’s fans inclined to doubt on UFC star’s immediate comeback

Mcgregor, 34, the ‘Notorious’ MMA legend and the former dual-weight UFC champion appears to be edging closer to his eagerly anticipated comeback and has begun full-contact sparring again.

Conor Mcgregor to expand his fan base beyond the confines of the octagon loyal and reach the heights of mainstream stardom becoming one of the biggest sports celebrities in the world despite his huge paydays, impressive highlight reel, multiple champion belts and indubitable skill set things haven’t exactly been peaches and cream for Conor with the bold trash talk millionaire strutting lofty ambitions.

He was just destined to ruffle some feathers but his troubles go beyond the typical fickle nature of casual fantom and the once untouchable superstar has received an increased amount of criticism among the fan base.

So, let’s take a deeper look into the story.

CONOR! In a good shape to come back?

The Irish superstar has been out of action since fracturing his tibia and fibula at UFC 264 in July 2021. However, the Irishman is reportedly planning to return to the octagon in February/March 2023.

One of McGregor’s management team has recently revealed that the superstar’s leg is not fully healed but it must be close to 100 per cent based on his recent social media uploads.

During the sparring sessions, Sunday, the ‘Notorious’ looked as sharp as ever and put out several videos of him sparring at Straight Blast Gym in Dublin.

McGregor captioned one of his posts: “Live from the s*** hot factory.”

He tweeted a video of highlights from some of his past victories alongside a statement that read as follows: “The greatest and the biggest sports comeback in all of history. Will you be a witness?”

Fan’s are Confused or Excited!!

Certain sections of the MMA community hilariously reached for Conor McGregor’s comeback announcement. However, the excited fans showed their mixed reactions on McGregor’s social media posts.

One fan responded by taking a stinging jibe at McGregor:

“ONCE AGAIN YOURE 5-5 IN YOUR LAST TEN INCLUDING MAYWEATHER , STOP SHOWING CLIPS FROM 20 YRS AGO IT FEELS LIKE 🤣🤣🤣 CUT IT THE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK OUT.” Meanwhile, another fan wrote, “Witness you getting knocked out, choked out, and snap your leg? I’ll be a witness.”


Nevertheless, not all fans are gloom-ridden regarding Conor McGregor’s comeback. Some Twitter users appeared to gladly welcome the Irishman’s return :

One fan asserted, “yes champ champ.” Another fan exclaimed, “I can’t wait!!!!!!” Moreover, a fan promised, “I will be a witness!!!” Besides, another Twitter user predicted, “Gonna be LEGENDARY.”

As of late, his attention has been away from MMA as he has focused on his acting debut which is set to come in Amazon’s reimagining of the 1980s classic Road House.


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