WWE’s title upgrades continue with Rhea Ripley set to receive the Women’s Universal Championship on Raw

The winds of change are blowing through the WWE Universe once again, and this time, it’s Rhea Ripley who’s set to ride the wave of title upgrades. The fierce and determined superstar, who has been holding the SmackDown women’s championship despite being a Raw powerhouse, is scheduled to receive a brand new, revamped championship that could solidify her place among the elite.

From her early days in the NXT brand, Ripley showcased a unique blend of power, agility, and unyielding determination. Her signature look, complete with a mohawk and tattoos adorning her chiseled stature, is a visual representation of her fierce individuality and refusal to conform to the norm.

Rhea Ripley set to acquire revamped Championship following Roman Reigns, Asuka

Reports reveal that Ripley’s current SmackDown title lineage will be replaced by the prestigious Women’s Universal Championship. This move comes hot on the heels of Asuka’s Raw women’s championship being given a makeover and rebranded as the WWE women’s championship.

The design of Asuka’s new title bears striking similarities to the undisputed WWE universal championship that was awarded to Roman Reigns. The WWE is opening the door for a brand-new era of excitement and unity with these modern moves.

Once the women’s tag titles are consolidated, only Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will remain as champions carrying the “old” titles from a different era. The men’s tag team division may soon see its own transformation, as a new set of belts could find its way into the hands of deserving champions.

Why Women’s Universal Championship makes sense instead of Women’s Heavyweight title?

One might now question why “Women’s Universal Championship” was chosen instead of the more conventional “Women’s Heavyweight Title.” So, it all comes down to appreciating the distinctive qualities of the women’s roster. With a roster comprising both powerhouses and lighter, high-flying athletes, a heavyweight title wouldn’t quite capture the essence of the division.

The Women’s Universal Championship signifies that these fierce warriors can transcend weight classes and compete at the highest level, regardless of size. But that’s not all. The women’s tag team championships are also undergoing a transformation.


The formidable duo of Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler is set to embark on a program with the formidable team of Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. According to Fightful, the women’s tag titles will be combined into an undisputed women’s tag championship, which will see the champions making appearances not only on Raw and SmackDown but also on the enticing NXT brand.

It’s safe to infer that Ripley’s new championship will resemble Seth Rollins’ recently unveiled world heavyweight championship as the puzzle pieces fall into place. The synergy between the titles will be palpable, further solidifying the interconnectedness and grandeur of the WWE landscape.

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