Years after getting snubbed by LeBron James, The Undertaker returned the favor with vital selection

The Undertaker, portrayed by Mark Callaway, is a household name and a pop culture icon thanks to his nearly three-decade-long tenure in WWE. He brought a sense of mystique and supernatural vibes to the company that resonated with the WWE Universe.

In his post-retirement life, he has been hosting his own show called ‘1 deadMAN Show,’ which was announced for Australia ahead of WWE Elimination Chamber. The Deadman revealed his choice for the NBA G.O.A.T in an interview and revisited his interactions with LeBron James.

The Undertaker named his NBA GOAT

Mark Callaway has been enjoying his post-retirement time away from the squared circle and giving time to his passion projects and sharing his three-decade-long experience in the wrestling industry. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, The Deadman was asked who is the Greatest of All Time in the NBA. Callaway revealed that he prefers Jordan over James but also complimented the latter, mentioning while one cannot deny ‘how great a player LeBron James is’, Jordan ‘just had a different mindset’.

The WWE legend was quoted, “Jordan is second to none. Maybe I prefer Jordan due to the era I grew up in and was much more involved in basketball at that point.” The Deadman also gave props to the late great Kobe Bryant, who he thought should be on the list even though he’s a ‘Jordan guy’. Mark was also once thought of as only a tall basketball player by Vince McMahon.

LeBron once snubbed Undertaker meeting

Some fans viewed it as Undertaker getting back at LeBron James, given the tense history between the two. LeBron once declined to meet The Undertaker, who had to wait outside his locker room for over an hour after being invited as a guest by the NBA Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, for a backstage meet and greet.

Several members of the Cavaliers team warmly welcomed The Deadman, but LeBron James didn’t acknowledge the WWE Legend. This incident caused a significant outrage among fans and was perceived as a sign of disrespect. According to James, he didn’t want to participate in a PR stunt where someone else was gaining popularity from his involvement.

Undertaker was photographed with Cavaliers player Kevin Love, looking far from pleased with the situation, which was indeed humiliating. The Undertaker has never commented on the incident, but it must have been infuriating.

The Undertaker

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