2022 MLB Draft: Breaking down first-three picks, one of which was complete shocker

The MLB Draft 2022 kicked off Sunday night in Los Angeles. The three-day, 20-round procedure started with the Baltimore Orioles picking high school shortstop Jackson Holliday (Matt’s son) with the first selection. The Arizona Diamondbacks then selected high school outfielder Druw Jones (Andruw’s son) with the No. 2 pick. The biggest shocker came in the form of the third pick which was Kumar Rocker and he was picked by the Rangers.

For the first time ever in the history of the MLB drafts, the first two picks in the Draft were sons of players who had previously played in the MLB. Here is the full breakdown of the first three picks of the MLB Draft 2022,

First pick by the Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles were rumored to negotiate a cheap deal and sign a player for a bonus that was less than the recommended limit, but they opted to pick talent with the number one pick instead. And why wouldn’t they? The deal was so lucrative that they couldn’t resist, and every other franchise was eyeing the rookie as well.

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Jackson Holliday is the son of former MLB athlete and coach Matt Holliday. He is a genuine five-tool shortstop who has progressed across all areas this spring. The 18-year-old possesses the finest hitting potential and ceiling available in this draft, and he would fit in well with the Orioles’ potent farm system. 

Second pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks 

The D-backs swooped on Jones, who was regarded as the best talent in MLB Pipeline’s Top 250 since everyone knew they wanted him. It’s a straightforward comparison, but he is frequently compared to his father, Andruw Jones when he was the same age.

Druw Jones
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The 18-year-old boasts one of the top power-speed combos in this draft with the same Gold Glove potential in center field. He uses a sophisticated approach and also has good swing sense.

Third pick by the Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers delivered this year’s biggest shock bomb and literally broke the first round by selecting Kumar Rocker with the third pick overall. He was regarded as auspicious, but most draft pundits projected him to go anywhere between the high teens and the mid-30s overall.

K Rocker
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The 22-year-old missed the majority of this season’s action when the Mets declined to sign him after he was selected 10th overall in last year’s draft because of suffering from overexposure. He recently emerged in the Frontier League, where he ran his fastball up to 99 mph and dominated Indy-league batters with a 70-grade slider.

The shocking fact is that he had “non-pitching related minor surgery” on his right arm, and the nature of Rocker’s surgery remained unknown. However, without any significant diagnosis, the Rangers risked picking Rocker, according to Los Angeles-based orthopedist Dr. Neil El Attrache. Picking a recovering player using the third pick is surely a surprise!

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