Logan Paul Reveals His Life’s Most Embarrassing Story of ‘Puking’ on Crush

YouTube sensation and internet celebrity Logan Paul has revealed his most embarrassing story yet! The “Maverick” Paul once puked on a model he had a crush on, in Coachella!

Paul was talking to former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub about his Coachella antics where he revealed his mishaps! Paul’s friend Mike Majlak chimed in on the situation as well. Mike said that Logan ruined the party for everyone that night. Mike had arranged for Logan and his crew to enter into a very exclusive party that night, but Logan was not feeling well.

Logan had been drinking very heavily on the night and did not drink any water or eat any food. The excessive alcohol had taken a toll on him and he sent his friends away to the party. Logan’s crush wanted to stay with him as he was feeling sick. 

But Logan puked his guts out inside the car and drenched it in his vomit! He also got some on his crush’s foot, ending any chances he had with her!

Coachella is a music festival held in Coachella Valley in the Colorado desert on any three weekends in April. The party does not stop for one second at Coachella and Logan Paul testified to that! 

Paul says that he has gotten older now and can’t party as hard as he used to. As Paul is nearing his 30’s and puking on models! His wild Coachella days are coming to an end.

Paul talks puke, Coachella, models, and much more on his hit podcast “Impaulsive“. Here is the clip of him doing talking about the incident:


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