Casio executive reveals ‘thanks to Shakira effect’ watch sales have boomed, dismisses Gerard Piqué’s sponsorship claim

Shakira mocked Pique brutally in her inflammatory rap song “BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53” with Bizarrap and now Casio is benefiting through the saga of this celebrity couple’s break up.

Shakira released the song earlier where she compared herself to ‘Rolex’ and Pique has not had the ability to maintain a Rolex, that’s why he afforded a Casio in Clara Chia Martin.

Pique in response came out wearing a Casio watch during a Twitch live-stream with Kings League and told the members he has an offer of a contract from Casio and displayed the old Casio watch.

Several fake accounts on the social platform tried to spread false rumors after what Pique did, now Casio’s marketing director in Spain and Portugal, David Zuazua came afront and completely denied everything related to this break-up saga.

“I could answer you in more detail if we had triggered that, but it is not the Casio. I guess he got worked up since it was his first appearance. I insist that our brand positioning has always tried to be neutral and away from the media show.”- Zuazua said.

However, the Spanish marketing director has admitted the rise in the sales of the watches and Shakira has played a big part in it after initially creating an opening for them with the diss song BZRP 53.

“I can confirm that thanks to the Shakira effect, sales have been spectacular. On Saturday (72 hours after the song’s release) Casio’s sales were brutal. But the best thing is every day [sales] is much better than last year.”- David Zuazua amazed with the response.

Clara Chia Martin, the Spanish naughty sweetheart is Pique’s new girlfriend as the couple publicly posted a picture of their love life, were the main targets of the Shakira bombshell song. Casio, however, is eating the fruits under the tree as they are enjoying a rise in their business.


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