Ex-WWE star John Morrison doubts Logan Paul’s commitment towards wrestling

Logan Paul has been the star performer for WWE with his amazing skills and ability. Whereas everyone is praising the influencer YouTuber, veteran WWE star John Morrison has questioned Paul’s commitment to wrestling.

Although Paul haters never approved of the fact of him being a wrestler.

The Maverick’s last game before getting injured was against the tribal chief, Roman Reigns. The fight was one of the best fights of 2022, as claimed by a lot of former stars and fans. Paul showed why he belongs in the ring with his amazing skills.

Even though the match ended with him losing at the end but his hard work paid off that night when he received loads of love and compliments from others.

Before his spectacular performance at the Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia last year, a majority of people treated the 27-year-old negatively. It calmed down a little bit after the following event.

However, recently, a former WWE star, John Morrison, left a remark that brought back the old topic again. Unlike everyone else, the 43-year-old is not willing to acknowledge the social media star’s wrestling career this early. He thinks Logan has a lot to learn before making him a god-gifted person.

In a recent episode of Chris Van Vliet’s “Insight” show, Johnny Blaze left a critical comment against the YouTuber turned wrestler. He also publicly questioned on the show whether or not the controversial character has it in him to become a full-time pro wrestler.

Morrison was taken aback and concerned when he learned of Paul’s injury. Despite his criticism, the former tag team champion wishes the internet celebrity a speedy recovery. 

On that note, Logan Paul appears to be in the clear in terms of his injury status. Previously, at the fight against the undisputed champion, he had suffered a torn meniscus, MCL, and ACL.

Currently, he is busy with his crypto business, which was recently called a “scam” by a certain Youtuber. A whole new drama began after Coffeezilla uploaded a video series of Logan Paul’s NFT scam. Later, Paul apologized to his audience.



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