Gervonta Davis slaps Mike Tyson’s comparison with “I have more skills” comeback ahead of anticipated fight vs Ryan Garcia

If you’re going to compare Mike Tyson, a heavyweight icon, to any random contemporary boxer, be careful with your words. It’s unlikely that you’ll find any fighter who can match the explosive power and punishment that Tyson was known for during his prime.

During the lead-up to the Ryan Garcia versus Gervonta Davis fight. Mike was asked if he saw any similarities between himself and the reigning champ Davis, also known as ‘Tank’. The former heavyweight champion replied in the negative.

“Maybe just getting in trouble with the law. Other than that, no,” Tyson reportedly said.

These words probably won’t come of as pleasant to Tank Davis, who is more known for his troubling behavior outside of the ring. Mike, who has even faced serious rape allegations in the past, didn’t hold back in calling out Davis for his criminal record. The 28-year-old has pleaded guilty to a hit-and-run charge and has been arrested for making threats to kill his girlfriend.

In response, Davis declared that he had “more skills” than Tyson ever had in boxing. While Davis is well-respected for his boxing abilities and in-ring performances, his answer baffled many boxing fans.

“I agree. I have more skills,” Davis said.

Mike Tyson: In a league of his own

A large group of fans believes that prime Mike Tyson was far superior to Gervonta Davis. Although Davis, at 28, is the reigning WBA world lightweight champion. Tyson had already become the heavyweight champion of the world before he turned twenty.

Mike Tyson

While some people admired Davis’ boxing abilities, others strongly disagreed with his assertion that he had more skills than the “Kid Dynamite” of boxing. Some suggested that fans of Tyson might suddenly become fans of Ryan Garcia, as Garcia prepares to face Davis in the ring.

Gervonta Davis is not one to shy away from confrontation. Recently, Davis has been ramping up his attacks against Ryan Garcia. The two were scheduled to have a high-voltage fight, but Garcia started disputing some of the contract terms, which put the match in danger.

What do you think of Davis’ remarks? Do you believe that ‘Tank’, as someone who has inspired fans with his personal story, is a more skilled boxer than Tyson? Please share your valuable thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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