Is Mercedes Mone aka Sasha Banks returning to WWE after ex-champion shares cryptic photo on IG? Exploring the possibility

Mercedes Mone, aka Sasha Banks, is a former WWE wrestler who parted ways with the company in May 2022. Being the former NXT Women’s Champion, three-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion and the first WWE Women’s Championship, she had a good run during her time with the company.

The wrestler has not wrestled since she suffered an ankle injury on May 21st during the NJPW Resurgence event. Recently, the superstar shared a picture on her Instagram Story of her standing outside TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, where a WWE live event was held on December 27.

Is Sasha Banks returning to WWE?

The WWE universe is going crazy over the fact that Mercedes may make a comeback to reprise her role as Sasha Banks in the company. Earlier in December, the superstar shared a video of her training inside the ring, as fans suspected that she would be out of wrestling for a while due to her injury, but she proved them wrong by posting that video.

According to reports, Sasha’s asking price for her wrestling at WWE was higher than what Charlotte Flair signed in her new contract. Both superstars had a lot of iconic matches with each other during the start of their careers. For Mercedes’s new contract, the superstar was asking a couple of millions more than The Queen, and that is where the confusion started.

In her recent post on Instagram, the superstar again made the fans confused about her future course of action. She posted a picture of her outside the stadium where an WWE event was taking place and fans are left speculating on whether she will return or when she might return.

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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, commented on Sasha making a comeback on 2024. He said, “Sasha Banks, Mercedes Mone, she is money. She deserves a bag. As far as I’m concerned, as being one of the preeminent female wrestlers in the last decade. And it feels like she’s WWE-bound. I’m saying it right now.”

“Maybe some of the issues that she was not too pleased with before are no longer a factor. It says it on his shirt, Hell froze over and CM Punk came back after ten years. You know what I mean? There’s a lane for Sasha Banks to stash Mercedes Mone, and I’m making a prediction. I’m calling it. She’s back in 2024. In WWE, it’s a done deal in my mind.”

What is Sasha Banks up to now?

‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks has been in a recovery phase since her injury in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). After she left WWE, she became the IWGP Women’s Champion in NJPW. During a championship match against Willow Nightingale, she accidentally got hurt and broke her ankle. Since then, the superstar has been resting and trying to make a full recovery before continuing her wrestling career.

In recent reports, it was revealed that the superstar was making a steady recovery and might get to enter the ring soon. The former Women’s Champion might return to WWE. In a clip from November 2023, the superstar shared that she would return in 2024 but never mentioned which company she would work with.

She said, ““I cannot wait to be back in the ring. Expect me to return with some wrestling company in 2024. For sure, I cannot wait to be back in the squared circle.””

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Fans are expecting to see Sasha Banks in 2024’s Royal Rumble and hope that ‘The Boss’ will return home after a successful recovery from injury. The wrestling universe is waiting to see the superstar give a frog splash to her opponents and make a legendary comeback.


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