Jake Paul vows to ‘fu*k’ Nate Diaz up after locker room brawl ‘Now it’s personal, I’mma fu*k you up’

During the anticipated bout between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva at the Diamond Desert Arena in Glendale, an altercation broke out between Team Paul and Team Diaz at the backstage. After “The Problem Child” beat Silva on October 29, at the post-fight interview, he spoke about how Diaz and his team tried to enter his locker room.

Jake Paul made history by knocking out one of the “GOAT” MMA fighters last Saturday, although there were other incidents that occurred during the game. As Nate Diaz and his team were on their way to meet his longtime training partner Chris Avila ahead of his PPV opening against Dr. Mike. However, an altercation erupted backstage between Team Paul and Team Diaz as they crossed paths.

Team Diaz has a history of picking fights with others, as they did previously against Conor McGregor. But this time it was against Team Paul at Glendale’s Diamond Desert Arena. One of the team members who witnessed the altercation later confirmed it to the Paul brother, saying,

“I’m standing in front of the locker room, bro. Waiting for you [Jake Paul] to go out there and fu*king handle business.” He continued without losing his breath in front of ‘The Problem Child’ and ‘The Maverick’. “And this f*cking crew walks by and it’s like the Dude-Avila or whatever who just fought. He’s like, “F*ck you, bro. You’re a p*ssy bro. And then they start chucking, fu*king drinks, and throwing sh*t. I low-key got hit. Boom. Smacked with a water bottle, bro.”

The undefeated champion was baffled by the incident and vowed to ‘fu*k’ Nate Diaz up. He admits to having a lot of respect for Nate Diaz, but it’s now personal. The 25-year-old will see the matter through. So is this hinting at a future fight between the 37-year-old and the YouTuber-turned-boxer? Whatever the case, fans will undoubtedly enjoy it.


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