Randy Orton impressed by Logan Paul’s ring presence in saving Rey Mysterio from horrific injury: “You saved him”

The Apex Predator Randy Orton made a big comeback after a time of absence in WWE. The superstar returned in the Survivor Series WarGames for team Cody Rhodes.

Recently the superstar was seen in an interview on ‘IMPAULSIVE’ with fellow WWE wrestler Logan Paul. The interview covered a lot of segments of the wrestler life outside and inside WWE. Orton went on to express his feeling towards Logan Paul as a wrestler, while mentioning his act of selflessness that saved the legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio from a serious injury.

Randy Orton lavishes praise on Logan Paul

During the interview the master of RKO, Randy Orton, was all praises about Logan Paul. The superstar addressed Logan, on how during the match for United States Championship in Saudi Arabia, Logan saved Rey Mysterio from a likely neck injury when the superstar was going for the Springboard Moonsault.

Orton said, “The way you go down on your hips — the hip mobility and the strength — and the way you got up with him. … The predicament you were in, and the way you got out of it, was amazing. A lot of guys wouldn’t have been there for that.”

Throughout the match both Rey and Logan gave it their all. Both superstars showed their versatility and different moves when trying to beat each other.

Orton went on to compliment Paul, about how he “saved him” while he was executing the move, and when Rey slipped, Logan was there to catch him, ultimately saving him in the process. Orton expressed that a lot of wrestlers in that type of circumstances might have failed to react instantly. He shared his personal experience with other wrestlers who either completely missed or dropped other wrestlers during such kind of situations.

Performing in front of a massive number of people can be distracting, so its quite hard to stay concentrated throughout the match, so it is no doubt that Logan Paul’s instant reaction was impressive from a wrestler’s point of perspective.

Logan Paul reveals Randy Orton continuously gives him advice

Logan Paul who is a YouTuber and also a boxer, shared some insight on how throughout his run from the beginning to now in WWE, Randy Orton has shared a lot of advice and helped him cope with the differences in WWE.

Changing his profession from boxing to wrestling was quite tough, and Logan having experienced both sports found it hard to settle as wrestler. Getting guidance from a veteran like Randy Orton, was a godsend for Logan, which motivated him to do better in his career.

During the interview Randy recalled his first meeting with Logan in backstage.

“When you came backstage, I think the first time we met, you looked me in the eye [and] I could tell right away you wanted to be there,” Orton said. “I saw who Logan Paul was in that split second and I was like, ‘Alright, he’s good back here.’ I could just tell.”

Logan expressed that when Randy is out there in front of thousands of people, the split second change in character is what makes him more lovable to fans. Following a different set of persona onscreen can be tough but it is what makes wrestling more interesting and authentic.

Randy revealed that in professional wrestling, emotions are more important than athleticism, which shows the amount of dedication a wrestler needs when performing in the ring.

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