“Rollies you asked for it”: Ryan Garcia calls out Rolly Romero, ‘KingRy’ wants to take revenge for Ismael Barroso

Rolly Romero called out Ryan Garcia for a duel after he defeated Ismael Barroso. Just yesterday, Ryan tweeted his acceptance of Romero’s challenge.

Rolly won the vacant WBA Super lightweight title by defeating Barroso. The 28-year-old fighter, however, has repeatedly expressed his desire for a fight with Garcia. Boxing fans are excitedly anticipating Rolando’s bout with KingRy, he claims. 

Ryan Garcia to take revenge for Ismael Barroso? 

Rolly defeated Ismael Barroso to earn the new WBA Super Lightweight title in a highly controversial contest. Many people in the boxing community thought the fight was stopped too soon by the referee. 

Ryan wasn’t really pleased with Rolly’s long-awaited victory or how it came about. Therefore, the former holder of the WBC interim lightweight title will now fight Rolly to exact retribution on behalf of Barroso. 

“Okay rollies you asked for it. Let’s get it. This one is for barroso” Ryan tweeted.

Ryan still seems to be processing his defeat against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. No fights have been scheduled as of yet, despite the fact that KingRy has expressed interest in facing Devin Haney as his next opponent. Ryan is now considering fighting Rolly after Romero defeated Barroso, which has caused a change in plans.

Rolly’s controversial TKO against Barroso

Barroso was winning the fight inside The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Venezuelan fighter constantly beat out Rolando in the first eight rounds of the fight. Referee Tony Weeks abruptly ended the bout in the ninth round, much to everyone’s surprise.

It also surprised the newly proclaimed lightweight king. The American boxer voiced his disbelief in the post-fight interview. After the bout, both Barroso and Rolly stated that the battle could have easily continued but the referee called it off too soon.

Since a rematch between Rolly and Barroso is not on the cards for now, Garcia is taking on the burden of exacting retribution for Ismael by taking on Rolando. Who do you think will win the match between KingRy and Romero? In the comments area, please share your opinion. 

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